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  1. So to give a Blake appearance to an earlier car would take cutting of the existing body, the newer SMC pieces, and some fiberglass jig / bonding work? I trust there is a hard steel bumper beneath the SMC cover. I found an '84 in a junkyard, good for what I'd like but the seller wants 4500 and states the frame is rusty. I'd need him to come down in price to make that worthwhile because it may require a better frame. There are couple other Avantis scattered around the country, an '80 for less than the '84. And that's what inspired this question.
  2. Hi Ed. I'm well. 1025 is needing some minor engine bay work with the distributor, and then some suspension alignment detailing to be road worthy. My dad and I want to get those done and some test miles back on her. Maybe I'll borrow her from southern Maine and drive her around my home area for a bit? We would love to make that meet in Vermont with her come August. There's more I will amend in my Composite bumpers thread.
  3. I have a question regarding the differences between the early chrome bumper cars and the later blended bumper. What are the physical differences, not only in appearance but to include mounting points or changes made underneath the skin. I have a keen attraction to the Mid-Ohio GT car and seek to pay homage to it in a build. I could get one of the (300) 1984 & 1985s, or I could expand my search and give an earlier one composite bumpers. I guess that's a related question: Which way is more economical? Picking up a Newman / Altman II and updating its looks, or initially buying a Blake car?
  4. Ed, you seem to be one who stumbles across these screamin' deals. I am looking for a blended bumper Blake car as either: 1) An inexpensive fixer, exactly like this announcement back in December. 2) Only a fiberglass shell. I can build one from the ground up.
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