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  1. I replaced the original bucket seats in my 70, which were very uncomfortable. Bucket seats from Camaro's 1997 to 2002 are almost a direct bolt on. The seat rails side to side are exact line up for the bolt holes. The front of the seat rails need  an extension added to fit over the floor riser. Very easy, just copy those on the original seat rails. The seats themselves are the same size and shape of the originals. But with bigger bolsters. I had my Camaro seats recovered to match the original covers. Much more comfortable. Other Avanti II owners could not tell the difference.


  2. Hi Brad. I finally had time to install the Pertronix kit today. I also installed the plug wires from Summit Racing that you recommended along with new plugs and rotor.

    I disconnected the resistor wire and ran a 14 gauge wire from the ignition to the positive side of the coil. I set the timing at 6 degrees BTDC, but the engine didn't

    seem to like that. So I increased it to 8 degrees and finally settled on 10 degrees BTDC. When I was a kid we use to advance the timing until the engine started to

    ping then back it off 2 degrees. Still don't know if that was the right thing to do, but our engines ran pretty good.

    I am really happy with what I've done to my "70." The throttle response is much better and the engine over all is stronger.

    Brad I want to thank you for your help and your suggestions. I see your threads on our forum all the time and you are always helping us shade tree guys.

    Thanks again.

  3. Thanks Brad, I understand. It makes sense. Pertronix told me I could use The stock coil.

    If you don,t mind I have another question. The spark plug wires in my '70' are solid core and Pertronix instructions say the wires must

    be a suppression style or spiral wound. Would you recommend a plug wire for the Pertronix Ignitor II ?

    Thanks again Brad.

  4. I have a 1970 350/300 that a P.O. pulled the HEI distrib. and put in a points distrib. I'm going to replace the points and condenser from this distrib. with a Pertronix Ignitor II. The instructions say to replace the pink resistor wire with a 12 gauge regular wire.

    My question is what is the purpose of the pink resistor wire? Also if the resistor wire is replaced surely something else will be affected.

    Thanks for your help.


  5. I have now installed the carpet kit that I bought from Auto Mat Interiors. I had the old carpet to use as a template, although I changed

    the order of finish of some pieces because I liked the way they lay better. I dry fit all pieces to the way I liked, then I glued in all pieces

    using carpet contact cement. I'm very pleased with how it turned out. BUT, the quality of the carpet is not the best. One major piece

    that shows beside the seats on the door side of each seat did not have a sewn finished bead edge. I took this piece to an auto

    upholsterer to have a finished edge sewn on. Also it is necessary to handle the sewn finished edges that Auto Mat sewed very carefully

    because the finished bead will pull away from the carpet.

    This kit will last a few years providing it is cleaned and used with kid gloves. The next time carpet is needed I will pay through the nose

    to have a good quality carpet installed.

    Also when I tried to glue the carpet strips on the bottom of the door panels the carpet strips were about an inch and a half to short.

    There is no way they will fit. When I called to tell them, they did not offer to replace them. I then ask them to send me two strips of

    carpet and the vinyl binding and I would have an upholsterer make the door panels to fit. Which they did, but not on their dime.

    I had to pay for these also. Needless to say I will not be doing business with Auto Mat Interiors again!!!

  6. Jfast I bought a carpet kit for my "70" from " Auto Mat Interiors." Betty Meyers put me on to them. She told me that's where Studebaker International buys their Avanti carpets. I haven't installed them yet, but I did look at each piece and I'm happy with the quality . They were also the cheapest that I found.

    Auto Mat Interiors

    69 Hazel St.

    Hicksville, Ny. 11801 (That's right Hicksville)


  7. Sorry Wayne, I have been away working on a ' honey do' list, but now am back to more important projects.

    The PO converted my distributor back to points. I have seen my monitor,990-D, on old Camaro forums.

    Supposedly the 990-D works with HEI and points, but wasn't used very often. I was told Yenko used my

    set up on the Camaros he build. I ask the question on the Camaro forum hoping to hear from a Yenko

    owner. Haven't heard anything yet.

    Tomorrow I will trace the wires from the monitor to see where they go. If they connect up to your thinking,

    I will connect the wires from the tach also according to your thinking. Wish me luck.

    I'll let you know what happens.


  8. Wayne, I did find your e-mails in my spam file, why they were there I have no idea. I found this listing on E-bay last night also.

    The monitor does look like mine, can't see any marking on the terminals. I know Stewart Warner made more then one model of this monitor.

    On all of my gauges the ground is a white wire, so I would assume the white wire in my wiring harness is the ground. Dan Booth said he

    thinks the black wire goes to the "light" terminal. As you stated earlier, looking at the monitor with the two terminals on your left and the three

    terminals on the right my monitor terminals are marked "light" and "tach" on the left. The terminals on the right are marked "batt," "grnd," and


    The tach on E-bay is a pedestal while mine is in the instrument panel. Don't really know if that makes a difference in wiring.

    My thinking is white to ground, green to tach, black to light, and red to ignition. But I'm not sure enough to wire it that way and try it.

    I am surprise that no one else in the Avanti II family has this tach to ignition monitor set up.

    Wayne what is your opinion of my thinking on the wiring?


  9. I have a 1970 Avanti II that I want to wire the Stewart Warner Tach model 970 to the Stewart Warner Ignition Monitor model 990-D.

    The tach has one wiring harness coming out the back with four wires in it. One wire is White, one Green, one Black, and one Red.

    The Ignition Monitor has five terminals. They are marked: Light, Tach, Batt, Grnd, and Ign. The Monitor also has written on the side:


    I have talked to three of our main Avanti vendors and they can not help me. Stewart Warner will not answer my e-mails or return my calls. Can any of you guys answer my question?

    Which colored wire connects to which terminal? Thank You in advance.

    Jim Barker

  10. Gunslinger, by FMO I mean Ford Motor. It is a Borg/Warner case with ford gears. The rear tail seal is larger then the Stude Power Shift and larger

    then the GM 350. Mine is a first gear start but shifts almost immediately, between 5 and 7 mph. This also was rebuilt 10K ago. Some day I will put a 700R4

    in it. This will help with MPG.

  11. Fellas I'm not bad mouthing The Q-Jet. I like em. Iv'e had them on a GTO and Corvettes and once tuned right they preformed well.

    This is not the carb that was on the car from the factory. The PO bought this one from Summitt Racing, it's called a "Street Master".

    According to the serial number on the carb this one was originally made for a marine application. The 350 was rebuilt and bored

    30 over just 10K ago. I've had the car for two years and last summer drove it to a Zone Meet. Tranny is a FMO 3-speed with 3:31

    gears in the rear. I averaged 15.5 MPG overall for that trip without the A/C on. Does this seem like reasonable MPG's for what I have?

  12. Thanks Gunslinger and PackardV8 for your input. I've been kicking it around inside my head for a while now. I hadn't done any research on the subject

    but figured there would be a hood clearance problem. I did know that a well tuned 4 barrel will out perform a 3X2 set up. But that 3X2 set up sure looks cool.

    Gunny do you have problems with the 3X2 on your Vette?

    My 350 has a 750 cfm Q-Jet on it that the PO put on it. In my opinion the 750 is to big. I think I will get better performance and MPG with a smaller carb. At this point

    I don't know what the jet sizes are, but I will look into a smaller size.

    What do you guys think?

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