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  1. Twins! Nice ride.

    I found a company http://www.matworks.com that will make them. I sent them the logo as an illustrator file and they will for a small fee convert that to make embroidery. They provide custom carpet for boats and cars.

    I will order this week and after that the logo should be available to anyone else that is looking ofr something like this.

    I will advise how well it works out after receipt of product in a few weeks I guess.

  2. I am trying to find replacement floor mats for my 2003 Avanti convertible (2002 Firebird base) and having no luck.

    I can easily get high quilty mats for Firebird, but no one can embroider the Avanti logo.

    I tried all the major mat suppliers on the web and Studebaker Intl to no avail.

    Anyone have a source for these or a place that an embroider the Avanti logo on carpeted mats?


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