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  1. I guess that many users of this forum are familiar with Ted Bastien's Bugsport on-line comic and his take on the well known 1963 Avanti dealer postcard:


    That seemed like a challenge to my model building skills that I just had to take on. So here's what I did using Ted's idea, a brand new AMT kit, two junker built-up Avanti models from Ebay, a UFO model kit, and an old Revell "Experimental Turbine Engine" parts pack. I hope you enjoy it!







  2. I know this sounds like an odd request, but I'd like to see some good up close photos of the hinges on an Avanti's trunk - both in place and separate from the car, if possible. I'm building the re-released Round 2/AMT Avanti kit and in a moment of temporary insanity I decided to convert it to a '64 (crooked battery and all) with an R3 engine and display it with the trunk open. The plan is also to "cherry pick" the old Aurora kit of the Avanti that has certain parts that were better than or missing from the AMT version. Things like the front seats, brake booster, wiper motor, rear sway bar, etc. The real reason I'm doing an open trunk (insanity aside) is that I just love the pictures in the Avanti brochure of the stylish lady reaching for the stylish luggage in the trunk. Is there any story connected with that luggage? It appears in a GT Hawk photo also. Was it maybe available through the dealers or did they just have it on hand at the photo shoot? The Aurora kit also a has a nice little set of similar luggage.

    There are some decent pictures of the trunk hinges on line but it's a very complicated hinge and I'm not getting a good sense of how it's really made. Some better pictures would really be helpful. Pictures of the trunk latch mechanism might be useful, too.

    BTW, I don't plan to make operating hinges. That looks like way too tough a job to do unless I made them look unrealistic. It will just be displayed open.

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