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Offer for Avanti money raising (not spam)

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I have been and continue to be a member of several non-profits. A common problem is the need vs. cost of getting basic detailed info to the members, especially those who have been members less than 15 - 20 years. I have come up with a way to meet this need, and create a money raising capability for the non-profit.

Several times over the years I have collected "common knowledge" which was "available", but not convenient to anyone but the couple of individuals who kept files over the years. I created "Reference Sets" of this loose information, created detailed, searchable indexes and packaged as a printable publication. I returned all materials lent to me.

The publication (electronic, but printable anywhere), is then copyrighted in the name of the non-profit, an ISBN assigned, and sent to the non-profit. In the over 8 times I have done this, most of the time, the printed version was sold at a nominal price as a fund raiser. Twice, it was used as an incentive for (very) early renewals, and/or new members.

How am I compensated if I sign over copyright and all publication rights? Simple, I have a copy for personal use, and to be honest I really like creating these compendiums.

What would be a good AVANTI! Reference Set? For starters, all the service/technical bulletins, all the accessory brochures, that type of hard to get stuff (manuals and parts lists are already being published).

I would like to hear from the club on this, and especially board members who would like another opportunity to service the membership while gaining $$$ for the club.


e-mail to: Avanti_Reference_Set@sterkel.org

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