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1964 R1 auto survivor R5063 68k miles

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This car competed at the International Avanti Show in Tacoma this year for authenticity, it received Silver, Alan Basile was one of the judges, this is what he had to say about it.
Here are the items that caused points to be deducted:
aftermarket headlights
floor mats not original
radial tires
exhaust tips not the original style
air cleaner decal missing
cowl seal missing
wrong radiator cap, hoses, and clamps
transmission dipstick painted the wrong color 
This car gained many points for originality. It would not take much time or money to bring this car up to a Gold Level!
I bought this in Wenatchee WA this year, SmilinJack (He bought it in 1968) had passed away, and his wife and son were looking for a new home for it, so I re-homed it here. Check out tis page at Bob's for what it looked like when I bought it http://www.studebaker-info.org/AVDB1/R5000/64R5063/64R5063x27032018/64R5063x27032018.html
Since then I changed the wheels and tires, went back to the original hub caps ( I put 7 inch wheels on it, and the tire rubs the Torsion Bar in a right turn). When I got it it had the Bias Radial T/As on it from the 1960's although the tread was good they really were bumpy to ride on. The original rear view mirrors don't hold position very well, but of course none of them did. The rear engine seal has a small leak "Studebaker left it's mark on the world, every where it was parked", I guess I can use that as an excuse.
Now comes the reason I am selling it. In November after a lot of searching I found a 63 R2 4sp (what I really wanted) in Ohio, had it shipped up, it's not the prettiest, and needs a lot of TLC. I will use the proceeds from this to fix the new one. The new one will be nice but not original like this one. They don't give me a lot of space to provide photo's if you're seriously interested, I can provide more if you need.
Rick Reimers
360 319-6459




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What a nice ORIGINAl Studebaker Avanti....Not many like this one still around!:)

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