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Good Morning, after 55 years after seeing my first Avanti as a college student, I now own one.  It is a 1963 made R1, Ser. 4042.  I would appreciate your thughts on what fluids to use in this all original car.


engine oil

power steering fluid

gear box oil

automatic transmission fluid

I am sure you have discussed this before, but I'd appreciate the information here.


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The best thing you can do is get copies (original or reprint...doesn't matter) of the owner's manual, parts and shop manuals.  I don't have any close by but can tell you the gas tank specs say 21 gallons and it takes 6 quarts of motor oil...with a filter.  The owner's manual only says 5 quarts but doesn't say add a quart with a filter.  

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gunslinger, thank you.  I was looking for the available "modern" fluids that might be best for the 1963 Avanti.  The previous owner left all of the publications you mention, and more.  I'm just unsure what modern fluids correspond to or replace  the  1963 recommended ones. 

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The manual should tell you what weight engine oil to use, but be sure to use oil with zinc in it -- e.g., Valvoline VR1 -- or, add a bottle of the ZDDP when you change oil ; these flat tappet cammed engines like zinc and modern oils do not have zinc it it.  O'Reilly's sells the VR1, or did, but the last time I bought some they had to order it.  Check back at this forum often as there is always something new to learn about these 'older' cars.  Good luck!  These cars are a joy!

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