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Avanti mechanic needed in San Antonio Tx

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I recently purchased an '85 RQB.  The mech I took it to actually restores cars, but he seems a little behind the power curve with this for some reason.  He rebuilt the Rochester 4-bl but the car still idles ruff and wants to die at stop lights/signs.  Sometjimes hard to start.  And too many returns to him because of the brakes (seems to be very excessive brake pedal travel & emer brake won't hold).  Then there are some electrical problems I need looked into, but I don't think he has the equipment and I won't ask.  I'm tired of taking it back to him for the same old problems.  He's had this car in the shop longer than I've had it.

Thanks in advance

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About you're '85 Avanti's brake issue....'85 Avantis (as you probably know) employed the super reliable Chevy Camaro front disc brake.....If these Camaro brakes are in good shape,......your problems are at the rear of the car.

Shoes & wheel cylinders for the '85 Avanti rear drum brakes are the same as "C" type Chevy pick-up trucks ('78-'84)

I'd  order the needed parts, then have any competent mechanic overhaul the rear drum brakes on your Avanti, including lubricating and adjusting the emergency brake cable (which is an extremely simple set-up.....Good luck!

PS....Don't forget to have those rear brake drums 'turned'!






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