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I recently purchased an '85 Avanti that has Recaro bucket seats.  I have figured out most of the adjusting knobs on both sides of each seat (I think), but I'm not able to figure out how to raise the seat bottom, which would allow my "vertically challenged" (short) wife to see over the dash.  Short of (no pun intended) adding shims or spacers on the floor, is there a way to raise the rear of the seat cushon?  Thanks in advance.

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Shims or washers are probably the best way to go.....Simply unbolt the seat track assembly at the floor (four bolts), then remove seat from car and  unbolt the Recaro seat from track frame assembly.....Re-assemble seat to track frame using the amount of body shims or flat washers you feel are needed...(You'll probably also have to obtain longer (metric) bolts .

All-in-all, no big deal!

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On 6/21/2018 at 10:56 AM, Steelersman said:

Dear Av4nti,

I did not r&r the seat; instead, if my wife drives the Avanti she uses a cushion for elevation.

Thanks for your interest.



That's probably the best solution.....Those Recaro's are low for a reason.....Headroom!! :o

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Shameless plug...if you are missing any of the center caps for the small side knobs on your Recaro seats in your '85 - as I was with mine - I had them reproduced a couple years ago.


AOAI members can but direct from for $3 each with free shipping rather than $4 ea on eBay.

PM me if interested...


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