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2005 Avantis

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Of the three types of late Avantis produced: Firebird platform (2001-2004), Ford SN-95 (Fox) platform (2005), and Ford D2C platform (2006-2007), the majority of cars I have seen are predictably the 2001-2004's and the 2006-2007's. The 2005 seems to be a transitional car between the Firebirds and the later Mustangs. It must have been a financial and logistical struggle to retool from the Firebird platform to the Ford SN-95, then do it all over again a year later for the Ford D2C.

I saw a red 2005 at the Trevose PA dealer in 2005, and a yellow 2005 at the Berlin NJ dealer also in 2005. I recall seeing photos of a 2005 painted a light metallic color, and there was a yellow prototype (black around the headlights, smaller headlight trim, and no rectangular lens over the round taillights) used for promotional photos in 2004. There has been a yellow 2005 and a red 2005 in attendance at SDC or AOAI meets, but I'm not sure if these aren't the same cars I saw at the dealers back in the day.

Have any on this forum seen or know of any other 2005's other than the four I described above?

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According to John Hull in his book, there were eight 2005 Avantis built. No idea how they break down to color and other particulars.

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A Torch Red '05 Avanti is for sale in Georgetown, Delaware.

Link to dealer:


The car has Studebaker/Newman-Altman style script emblems with the embroidered headrest matching the emblem script style. 36,972 (37,351 as of 6.13.2019) on the odo. No price noted in the online page.

Sharp looking car.



05 Avanti StudeEm 2.jpg

05 Avanti StudeEm 5.jpg

05 Avanti Stude Em 6.jpg

05 Avanti StudeEm 3.jpg

05 Avanti StudeEm 4.jpg

05 Avanti StudeEm 3a.jpg

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Update link to dealer site and car mileage

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