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Which engine. Original or a plain engine ?

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Just curious (and more to come), but if you had the chance to put an R2

Avanti back to its original engine, Would you do that or just put in a

plain engine. ?? Would you do all you could to get the original engine

if you knew where it was or just get any engine you could ?

Opinions ?



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Depends what you mean by "plain", I would NOT put a basic Studebaker

engine into an Avanti, simply because it will look "wrong". An R1 would

be an OK way to go, but if you HAVE a way to make it "correct" it will

always be worth more either "original" or with more accessories. So I

would put the R2 engine in if you can.


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So I would put the R2 engine in if you can.


I concur, the car's original engine is the preferred route, especially if it's an R2. If you ever sell the car, and you have any original documentation for it being an original R2, the car will bring considerably more money than it would with the "plain" engine.

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By all means, return the original engine to the car if at all possible. You won't own it forever and having the original engine (Or at least a correct copy) will enhance its value. Besides, an R2 is always more fun than a vanilla V8.

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