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Cruising Without Belts!

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Years ago, when I owned my first Avanti, (Studebaker Avanti R3623), I used to drive it from Boston to Augusta, Maine frequently to visit friends....As that Avanti had an R2 engine, I would remove the blower belts before leaving, ( approx 500 mile round trip), to save wear and tear on the Paxton supercharger.

That Avanti seemed to cruise very well at 60-70 mph, although no doubt the R2 carb pushed through more fuel than was necessary!!

Back in the day, did any of you Avanti owners 'pop' the blower belts before heading out on an extended trip??

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I would think that would save some wear and tear on an expensive part. I don't see any harm in doing so. A quick metering rod change could also be made to compensate.  Although changing belts can be a bear, there are tools available that would simplify doing so.

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On my present R2 Avanti, I always leave the blower belts installed...Also, I replaced that heavy cast iron water pump pulley with a lightweight aluminum one.:)

However, I don't rack up anywhere near the mileage in this Avanti as I did in my first R2 job!:o

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