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Access to rear speaker

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On the subject of radios in a '63..how does one access the rear speaker? I tried removing the screws at the speaker cover on the rear shelf, but I believe I'm just spinning the fasteners without loosening them. I tried the line of screws at the top of the carpeting in the trunk under the rear shelf and found an immovable fiberglass bulkhead.

Does the answer lie behind the rear seat back or removal of the shelf?

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I just recently removed the rear speaker myself.

You have access to a small panel under the carpeting on the rear wall inside of the trunk area. Need to peel back the carpet to discover it. From there you will need to remove 3 screws and remove the fiberglass plate that covers the access hole. I had to loosen (remove) the screws and rail from the package tray to remove the panel cover. When you remove the cover there may (or not) be some tape covering the hole. Remove that and voila! access to the speaker and the grounding point mounted on the gas tank. Reach up to the speaker and remove the nuts, drop the speaker down, climb back into the passenger compartment and lift out the rear speaker thru the hole in the tray lid.

Hope this helps. --Jaeson

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