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The new guy on the block, A friend of mine purchased a 63 Avanti new in 62, we were out of high school a couple of years,

I love it at the time, it made me think that flying cars were just around the corner, Well, 58 years later i found one that's been

turning to dust under side, the window was open on top, the driver door would not close, the floors were growing things that 

the mice could eat when its cold, its been sitting with 1975 plates almost unrecognized, tires flat and rotten, 45 years is a

long time to just sit outside, so should I save it, or just take it easy, I'm just to old and dam stubborn to let it sit, I already have

the gray hair, so what the heck !!


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Welcome to the AOAI Forum!

It appears that you are just a bit younger than I am.  My suggestion is to let that project Avanti pass and if you want one, buy the best that you can (it is cheaper in the long run).

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I think the original post (dated Oct 20) has been in the Twilight Zone somewhere, as it was not visible last weekend.  Anyway, if the original poster is still around, follow Gary's advice.  Take a poss on this one unless you want to go into the used Avanti parts business.

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