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Avanti R5361!

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21 minutes ago, arkus said:

production order for an automatic, built as a 4-speed

That is indeed interesting!.....However, not the 'build' change we're seeking here!:(

Any other thoughts on this trivia question?

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20 hours ago, 64studeavanti said:

If this is the correct change, they also reinforced both the seat bottom and back. A piece of molded foam was added under the upholstery for the sest back.  At least that is how R5403 was built.

You got It!.....the bucket seat backrest was re-configured to accommodate the thicker padding..... at the same time the hinge area was strengthened. WELL DONE!:)

PS...I remember the driver's seatback on my first '63 Studebaker Avanti was being supported by a 4-way lug wrench when I purchased that car!!:o

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Added P.S.
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13 hours ago, mfg said:

That's a quart of REAL automotive acrylic lacquer.:).....much different from what's sold today!:(

And if someone really wants this acrylic lacquer, I can probably be talked out of it........^_^

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2 hours ago, r1lark said:

And if someone really wants this acrylic lacquer, I can probably be talked out of it........^_^

If you had SIX quarts of it (enough to refinish a car) there's no doubt folks would line up to purchase it......a quart, not so much, as it's really only good for spot panel repair.....and how many 1964 maroon Avantis are still out there that haven't been repainted.....or....if still in factory original lacquer paint, haven't faded considerably over the years?

What you have is similar to an unopened can of vintage 'STP' ,or an unopened bottle of Studebaker 'Haze Cream'.....an interesting shelf item!;)

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1 hour ago, Ron.Strasser said:

Dumb question.  Could one take a little and apply it to a primed piece of metal to have it scanned by a paint store.


Dumb?....No way!...That's an excellent idea!:)

Mix up that old lacquer thoroughly, then thin it 100% with a quality lacquer thinner, and then spray out a 6"X6" 'test panel', should result in a near perfect match to what's in that can.....assuming of course that it's taken to a first class paint store that has an accurate paint formula camera! (three shot method)

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I have a lot of original Avanti Lacquer in the original cans. I mixed them up, and the colors completely changed from new. The turquoise was very dark.

Not at all like the original color. Just because you have an un-opened can don't assume it has been stored well, or even if it has, that the contents are the same as when it was put into the can!!!

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