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5 hours ago, r1lark said:

Whitewall tires?

Could be!.... It's definitely 'tire related'....however, whitewalls is not what 'option 56' is about!:(

Any other thoughts here?........HINT.....Rare!:o

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7 hours ago, silverstude said:

there was a 56A and 56B


Possibly, however the P.O. I'm looking at specifies only "56" (option # 56).........The P.O. pertains to Studebaker Avanti R4513.

Any other thoughts on this one?:huh:

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5 hours ago, brad said:

Captive air tires.

That's it!............For much more information on this rare Avanti option see pg. 44 of the latest 'AVANTI MAGAZINE'.....Issue # 191.

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12 hours ago, studegary said:

Captive Air tires were standard equipment on Studebaker Wagonaires with third row seating.

True!.....this was due to the additional seat taking up the space normally used for a conventional spare.

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