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Avanti 2002 Gas Door Cover

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I snapped the gas door cover off my 2002 convertible. GM part # 10284455 (the Pontiac Firebird part) will not fit. It is 6 inches across and metal. The Avanti door is 5 inches across. In addition, the Avanti arm which attaches to the back of the door and goes into the fender is made out either plastic-like or fiberglass. The arm is the part that snapped in half. he body shop cannot glue it back together. Any thoughts? If the door itself is not Pontiac, what could it be. I hope it is not something Avanti made up.

Ron Morrison



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If the arm can be removed, I'm surprised the Body Shop just didn't suggest making a new one. Even if you could find a new one, the old one will need to come out so a replacement could be reinstalled.

If the arm is glass/plastic, it should be possible to fab a section to cover the break and glue it in place with the new panel adhesives.

Good luck in either case.


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Good information to know if you have a TransAm platform Avanti.  The exterior door handles come from an Oldsmobile Aurora so any additional information is much appreciated.  

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