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Hello All, any one have a source for wire wheels, seems to be a bit of a problem to locate a set for my 1978 Avanti II.

My specs. are the following...15" x 7" wheel, 5 x 4 1/2" bolt pattern, 1/2" off set, or 12.7mm, and back space of 4".

If these are not correct can someone let me know what numbers are correct.

I really want "bolt on" wires if possible, but have not had any luck finding a manufacturer or supplier. If there are no "bolt on" wires to be had, I will go with wheels that come with adapters and hubs, if I have to.

Any info on this is appreciated


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Thanks for the reply, I have been to both sites you mentioned, and did not have any luck.

I was told by a rep. from Dayton that they no longer make bolt on wire wheels, and it would take months to get a special order from them!

Coker does not have a wire wheel in the size I need.

I am surprised not more  Avanti  owners have not had the same issue finding wire wheels, also can you tell me  if my measurements are correct ?

Thanks again,

     AL POLO

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Can't answer the question of specs, 5x4 1/2 is correct, and 7" rims fit (Avanti originally probably used 6" rims), but I don't know the offset.

Have you also talked to this vendor: https://www.truespoke.com/

I sold an '80 Avanti last year that had factory wire wheels; not show quality though, and wire wheels are extremely expensive to have refurbished. A problem I had with them was that I misplaced a lug nut and they took a very special one with a small hex head to allow a socket wrench to fit over them and also fit between the spokes (difficult to find). I can contact him to see if he wants to sell them, if you want.

Try calling Dan Booth at Nostalgic Motorcars 248-349-4884 its conceivable he may have wire wheels. He had the lug nut I needed (albeit expensive).

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I have tried the Truespoke site also, no luck there either. I am seeking a new set of wires for the Avanti II as it will really look great and set the car off.

I did not think of Dan Booth as a source, thank you for the tip, I will call him this week,

 Thanks again Wayne,     AL POLO

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