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What should I offer for a 64 R-1?

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Hello: I'm new here but have desired an original Avanti for years. I have come across a 64 R-1 with original turquoise paint and matching interior in very nice, but not show condition. Chrome & glass are nice. It's an automatic, power window, factory air car. Also has the woodgrain wheel on a non tilt column. Everything works except the a/c doesn't blow cold and may need a charge of freon. Has the original Studebaker quality seal in the right lower corner of the windshield and the Studebaker Air Conditioned decal in the back window. Original South Carolina car. Owner states hog troughs are solid, but I'll check that myself. Dash is good, aftermarket radio but dash not chopped up. All manuals present. Problems are the a/c,rear brakes make noise and it skipped the last time it was started. Owner states it ran fine last time it was driven 8 months ago, flooded it when last started and doesn't think all the gas burned off. He wants 17,500. I want to be fair to him and myself. Serial # R03911. What is the advice and where does this one fall within the production run, early or late

Bill Sapp

Hamlet, NC

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That sounds like it's a '63 that was titled originally as a '64. If the VIN you're giving is correct, it's older than the '63 I used to own. If so...not too uncommon.

Are you sure that's the VIN and not the body number? The VIN is a plate riveted to the upper frame on the right side just ahead of the firewall. It may be grease covered and need cleaning off. The body number is the one on the plate on the right front cowl. Are you sure the number isn't "RQ3911" instead of RO3911? That sounds more like a body number. The wood grain steering wheel, if original, would be more likely for a '64. Does it have square headlight bezels or round? Square would make it a '64.

Either way, $17,500 sounds high considering the problems with the car you've already noted. They could be minor to repair or be a signal of more serious attention. For that money the car should have everything working properly, even if it's not quite in show condition.

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