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Master Cylinder, again

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:( Help, Again. I thought I posted yesterday, but I don't see it. Anyway, I have a'63 Avanti and the master cylinder went out this winter. It is a dual chanber one with the following #'s on it: 8515B and 7188V, and no other markings. It does not cross reference with anything! I ordered what I thought would be the exact replacement (the "Fruit Jar"), but I'm concerned that it won't work. Does anyone have a suggestion? Many thanks, Spencer
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See my question under '63 Avanti information. There is a reply that says Car Quest #20-1327 is an early '70's Chrysler M/C and it will work. I also came up with NAPA #36307 and Bendix #11323. Take your old M/C with you and match them up. Let us know what you find, as we may need an update.

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Guest kenmike@excite.com

Converting to dual brake system, I have used a Wagner F27047 to replace the 1" bore unit and I have used the Autozone M1386 ('72 Ford Truck) to upgrade the system to a 1 1/16 inch bore.

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