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New Avanti wheel centers

Guest Bob Mac

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My 2006 Avanti only had one wheel center when the car was made. Three were the Ford Mustang Cobra hubs.

I had the art work and center made. See link below.

My new logo one is about 2.5 inch the old style was too small from Studebaker vendors.


If you like it you can purchase them from http://www.boksigns.com/

I paid for the art work, so will not have to. Bok can make the center hub or logo from super small to side of the house.


Bob Mac

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I'm missing the medallion on the steering wheel of my 2006 coupe. That size should work. The original one was just glued onto the Mustang badge - is there an easy way to take off the Mustang badge and glue on the Avanti one?

Pat Tucci

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I've been trying to purchase these from Bok, but she has not answered any of my recent emails or phone messages on both her cell or business phone. She said that she only had 2 left and was not making them any more. It's extremely frustrating when a business or person will not have the courtesy to reply to a message.

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Thanks for the info. Any way you can post a picture? I need a set of these for the factory wire hubcaps

that came on my '79. The original emblem dried and cracked, flaked off, but I have remnants.

Original is 2-1/2", white background, with Avanti script logo, like the front and deck lid badges,

printed on in black. Putting the hubcaps back on the car and need something to replace the centers with.

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We finally just sent Bok a check for the 2 that she said she had (plus some for shipping), but she's yet to cash the check or responded to any subsequent calls or emails. If I can get a good jpg file for the logo, maybe I can have them made here in Denver.

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