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Recaro seats, parts availability?

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I bought a set of used Recaro's from a parted out Avanti for my '70. They needed foam and covering...the upholstery shop that did so supplied the foam. Whether they cut it from stock, used pieces or bought custom shaped foam I don't know...they simply look great. When I first bought them I checked with Recaro about sliders and bases and was told they were an obsolete seat so they didn't have bases but did tell me where I could get them (Wedge Engineering). I don't know if they would have foam or not, but an upholstery shop or supplier would be the best place to check.

Here's a pic of what mine look like after being redone...


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RQB3263/305......... WELL LETS PRAY FOR 2021......SOMEWHERE in this forum we discussed replacing the original  bucket seats ....and i did about 5 yrs ago......with BMW 330SC gray leather.... they looked good and were very comfortable....but at 5'9" i had inadequate head and belly room...I lived with it this way all this time....until now....I located locally a set of very good condition, black seats from a 2008 Saturn Sky  for $214  OTD...only minor modifications  to the seats were required and about a full 8 hrs to install...and more work on the aluminum attach plate I fabed  5 years ago for the BMW seats....so now I have 2 1/2 inch head room and enough belly room.....BTW Pontiac Solstices  uses the same seats...i will post pics later today......wildfelr .....BILL RQB3263 

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