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carburtor gas leak

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I have a 1963 R2. I changed the fuel filter, and replaced the hoses. I used a silcone lined high pressure tubing meant for feul injection lines. The silicone lining broke up under the pressure of the clamps, and small peices wound up in the carburator and one peice lodged under the feul pump plunger rod and needle (pump discharge check), causing it to spit raw fuel out around the plunger. I thoroughly cleaned out the carburator, float bowls, and flushed all of the lines. Now, it still spits raw fuel, but only if the throttle is "jerked", or if I push the RPMs over 3,000 - and then it is just a fine mist, not droplets like before. Is there a gasket that could be damaged, such as the pump jet housing gasket that could be causing this?? Does anyone have any suggestions? I am very leary about driving it like this. Can the ethanol in the fuel deteriorate the gaskets?

I would appreciate any comments, or suggestions.

Dennis Smith


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I found the apparent solution. I adjusted the throttle connetor to the plunger to the lowest hole, so that the plunger sits lower. It has a slight cone shape, and this seating seems to seal it better. In any event, no more gas leak.

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