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Where's my Avanti...

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Hello all,

Back in Oct. 1963 I purchased an Avanti in Langhorne Pa. It was an R1, white, with black interior, and was registered as a '64'. It was probably a transitional model as it had round headlamps. I drove the car until 1969 when I sold it to a fellow who lived in New Jersey. When I sold the car the original Studebaker owners tag was on the console with my name on it... David Thuss.

Over the years I have tried to track her down, but to no avail. I never gave a thought to keeping the sales records back then, so they are long gone. I've racked my brain to try and remember the serial number but at my age the synapses don't snap like they used to. I am just interested in finding out if the car is still around, and what may have been done to it over the years. Any recolections are greatly apprecitated. Anyone with info, feel free to e-mail at sinkhole@bellsouth.net

Thanks, Dave

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That the real problem. My mind not being what it used to be, I can't begin to remember the serial number. Any original records I had are long gone too. I was hoping someone out there might remember purchasing mine in 1969. I lived in Churchville, Pa at the time, and the fellow who acquired mine was from the Cherry Hill area in NJ. Also the car when sold still had the original Studebaker owners name tag in it.

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I have the same situation. October of 1963 was 44 years, two wives, four jobs and maybe ten houses ago. Any paperwork on the car is long gone. Mine was a true 1964 model, Avanti Red inside and out, R-2, Twin Traction, 3.07 rear, AM radio and roll-up windows. Delivered in October of 1963 through a Coral Gables, FL dealer, and later sold to a young guy who worked for a Sears Distribution Center in Greensboro, NC. Since I special-ordered it to get the equipment I wanted, the factory paperwork might have my name on it. Ah well...

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