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1964 Airconditioner

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We are installing a 1963 Avanti airconditioner in a 1964 Avanti.

Does anyone in the Chicago area have a 1964 Avanti with a factory installed airconditioner, that we can look at?

Or if anyone else has one and could tell us the location of the firewall holes and grommets and email me a picture.Also the deflector plate above the console where the two chrome nozzles are is different on the 1964.

Could someone take a picture and email it to studebaker@mac.com.

I soon will be listing the extra N.O.S. parts we hoarded for this project. You get first dibs!.

Robert Kapteyn.

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My 63 Avanti had a 64 A/C installed by a dealer in the late 60's. I have the woodgrain panel in the center dash and the hoses pass through the firewall as in the parts manual for a 64. I would like to replace it with a fawn colored 1963 panel if you will have one available. herbpcpa@yahoo.com Herb Price Burlington Iowa

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