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63 or 64 Avanti Wanted in SE Region

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Wanted: I am located in Tampa, FL and searching for 63 or 64 Avanti R1 or R2. Must be original and with non-rusty frame and hog troughs. I have previously owned a 41 Commander and 63 Avanti R1 as well as other Studebakers and Packards over the years. I am patient and do not need to buy a car quickly, so as you hear of cars for sale, keep me in mind. I am looking for a "driver" rather than a show car. Prefer a car that can be driven immediately. My price range is between $7 K and $13 K. If you are aware of a car for sale, please provide contact information and any specific details you have about the car (mileage, condition of engine, interior, suspension, replaced parts, etc.). Thanks for your help. I have maintained an inventory of Avanti parts from years ago when I lived in South Bend and they were still making Avanti II's. Had to sell the R1 to help pay the down payment on a house and have missed owning it ever since. I had the hog troughs replaced at the Avanti II plant and don't want to go through that process again; hence my requirement for a non-rusty frame and hog troughs. Kept up my SDC membership for some time after selling the R1 and have a large number of Turning Wheels which I still enjoy reading. Contact Jim with any information you have on a Studebaker Avanti for sale. All the best for a great Christmas and holiday season!

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