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Found 2 results

  1. I have two NOS outer rear body panels (outer clips) from Avanti factory in Youngstown Ohio. These are suitable for rear fender and body repair or could be repurposed for conversion to "Avanti Loveseat". I can separate into left and right half. These are free if you come to pick them up. Please telephone me at 703-278-9299 to discuss. Roger
  2. Like all of you, I have a light in my trunk that comes on when the trunk is opened and goes out when the trunk is closed. The light (#90 bulb) located on the left side of the trunk "ceiling" is on the same circuit as the back up lamps and the other interior courtesy lamps. Mine was not working and after the typical diagnostics, I determined that the tilt switch had failed. The original switch is a mercury type switch which are not used any more. Studebaker Intl. sells a replacement for about $35. I found many similar replacements on the market place for much less than that and would recommend this one: It is sold by Digi-Key and has part number: 1835-1002-ND. It sold to me at $14.00 including USPS shipping. The part I liked about this was the stainless steel bracket that holds it in position. I mounted it to the underside of the trunk lid with two #4 sheet metal screws and soldered the leads in as required. Since it is held with a snap in holder, it can be taken out when leaving the trunk open for show judging and the switch turned upside down so the light doesn't run all day long. Price was right, looks right when installed, and is versatile enough to not need an override switch during the show display and is not a mercury filled switch. Cape Boy
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