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  1. Worst case situation, all driveline shops have wedge shims available to set the pinion angle equal to the transmission output shaft angle. jack vines
  2. For true, it's akin to being strafed by a Stuka. I've converted a couple to the big two-speed electric fan from the Dodge Viper. Also did one using the flexible blade stainless steel fan driven full-time without the clutch. jack vines
  3. The chrome on the Daytons on the '63 were rusty. I had them sandblasted and powdercoated gold to match the paint on the car. Since the car was customized by George Barris, King of the Kustomizers, now the gold wheels actually are more period-correct Kalifornia Kustom than the original chrome. jack vines
  4. The interesting thing is both Dayton and Borrani were available as true knock-offs. The original owner added Daytons to my '63 custom and I have a set of five Borrani from an '80. They're both heavier than the hubs of hell. It seems the Borrani had better chrome than the Dayton, but maybe better maintenance and storage as well. jack vines
  5. You are wise to buy a complete setup. Buying it a piece at a time can take forever and cost 2X-3X as much. The carburetor and intake are R2 specific. Do you still have yours? jack vines
  6. South Bend urban legend has it there were twenty-five R3s built by Paxton and shipped to Production. Paxton was hard at work on building the next twenty-five when Studebaker called it off. Paxton managed to gather up most of the left-over engines and R3 parts and ship them back to CA. They were then sold over the counter. Only slightly OT, but there's some evidence a Seattle guy with Stude connections grabbed a truckload of complete R2 engines at scrap prices and shipped them to Puget Sound. Most were installed in boats, where they died a quick death. The R2s in boats ran strong, but
  7. This car and its value left with her husband's passing. Rather than putting you and us on the hook for guessing a value of a car which which none of us have first hand driving evaluations, suggest she have it cleaned, up ask an Avanti expert to write the description, ending with "running when parked six years ago", list it on Bring-a-Trailer or eBay, take whatever the market offers. Sometimes it will go to OZ or Europe for more than it would bring from the CASOs here in the states. jack vines
  8. Another likely possibility, since this engine was rebuilt by Stu-V, is that an original car blew its engine, had it replaced by something else, maybe from Paxton or Stu-V and the reusable parts were swept up into this build by Stu-V. jack vines
  9. There were nine Avanti delivered with R3 engines and there is a list of those. For many years after Studebaker closed, Paxton Products sold R3 engines built from leftover parts. Then Stu-V bought the leftover leftovers from Paxton and sold partial R3s. IIRC, by that time, the R3 heads and connecting rods were NLA, so modified R2 components were substituted. It appears yours is one of those. FWIW, none of the OEM R3s or few of the Paxton R3s were built with roller camshafts. That yours has it is unusual. We have a member of this group who holds the personal opinion that sinc
  10. Also, one could do as some others have done and build a twin supercharged R4. jack vines
  11. The carburetors are simple. 1964 304" R4 3810S(F), 3811S(R) CARTER AFB CK474 The heads and intake you haven't given us enough information. It's really difficult to do "r2 heads machine to r3 spec." Yes, R3 valves can be installed into R2 heads. No, R2 intake ports are not easily enlarged to match an R4 manifold. Yes, there have been single and dual port "R4" repop manifolds made to mate with standard port heads. Knowing exactly what you have would help those offering advice. jack vines
  12. Agree. It all depends on the tire/wheel combination and the condition of the front suspension. If all is in like-new original condition, they steer easily. After sixty years of wear and someone installing wider wheels and radial tires, it can be a pig to steer. jack vines
  13. An R2 without a supercharger will be slightly slower than an R1 on a cool day and slightly faster than an R1 on a hot day. jack vines
  14. It is possible to modify the Powershift setup, but it's easier just to get one of the millions of floor shift units from a GM in a U-Pik yard. No mods necessary. jack vines
  15. Yes, changing the torque converter to the proper R-series unit will make a noticeable improvement. When another Avanti owner rode with me, he commented on how much more responsive mine was starting in 1st gear, but he said, "That's just too much hassle to do that back-and-forth manual shifting every time." He put a Chevy in his; problem solved. jack vines
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