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  1. Thanks for the references. Looks like a treasure trove of Avanti stuff. And thanks for the tool recommendation, typical tubing benders in frustrating in tight spots.
  2. After taking about a year and a half to recover from open heart surgery, getting my new bovine aortic valve, I'm finally feeling like I can do a bit of work on R-1880, my '63 avanti. First item up is my ailing brake system. Wondering what you all think about aftermarket boosters and dual master cylinders. I don't like driving with a single master cylinder (esp. in crazy SoCal traffic). I'm just wondering what you all have done. Thanks in advance
  3. 63R-1880 has had the seats replaced. I think they are out of a mid-70s Avanti II. They are the high back Recaros. They have been reupholstered, but the fabric has rotted (it's from the desert). The passenger seatback was really leaned back. I decided to reupholster them before the foam rots, and when I took that cover off, discovered the fiberglass seat base, which holds the foam and material is badly broken (I suspect) from people leaning back against it. It has been repaired badly, with metal plates (the kind you would use for house rafters!) I have repaired fiberglass but this repair would
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