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  1. That's why I have a connection to the Avanti - same vintage.........
  2. Sorry I haven’t been back - that Seattle frame does look nice. I did find an Avanti full rolling chassis with a solid frame - also much closer than Washington. The frame is in the process of being cleaned up and powder coated etc. While that is happening we are in process of pulling the drive train etc so I can send it to body/paint shop on old rolling chassis. Had I not found the chassis I did, I would have been road tripping.... thank you all for your help!
  3. From what I understand the only Lark chassis that works for an Avanti is a Lark convertible. That is the chassis the Avanti was based on. It’s not completely plug and play - there are several attachment points for the Avanti body etc. that must be added. Those adapters are available what I have been told, are not difficult. If you can’t find an Avanti frame, at least you have another option.
  4. That's the weird thing, hog troughs are solid. The frame is probably repairable - the bottom plates have issues as well as the back end pieces and other bits. I know John Meyer has the replacement parts already made so I wouldn't have to fab them. I am just thinking that if I have to do all that, plus it needs a little body work and definately a paint job, might as well pull the body and put a new frame under it. Assuming I can find one....................
  5. Have a '63 R2 4spd I am fixing up. Drivetrain is good - i have it up and running. It probably lived part of its life in the NE as there is definite rust issues with the frame and underneath, but surprisingly the hog troughs are solid. The frame definitely needs some repair but I would rather put a good solid frame under it. Anyone know of any Avanti frames or rolling chassis available? I know a convertible Lark frame will work with a little modification but cant get firm grip on exactly what it takes. Also have heard an Avanti II frame up through around 1972 is identical and will work? Can anyone confirm what Avanti II frames are a perfect match? Will be needing all other bits and pieces - might be interested in a parts car if frame is solid. Definitely will need new front seats etc. Any info or leads on parts appreciated.
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