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  1. I would like to make you an offer if you will send me your email. Mine is csilcoupe@msn.com
  2. Please send pics to csilcoupe@msn.com with prices. Where are you located?
  3. I have had my 63 supercharged for some time but this is my first posting on this forum, my car was adulterated with all sorts of wrong parts, but most importantly I would like to acquire an original 63 steering wheel as complete as possible. Also need a spare tire cover with latch and the horseshoes that go on the upholstered tops of the door panels, if horseshoes is the right term. My car may be for sale later this summer after a few changes back to original as I can accomplish. Or maybe not, hard to get over the love of the lines Mr. Loewy generated so long ago. Still fresh and new. Compare it to a jumble of lines and surfaces like the newer Lexus RX to see what I mean. Thanks for any help or suggestions on possible sources.
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