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  1. Avanti83

    Avanti Pan!

    I'll guess false as you would need to drop the exhaust crossover from the 82. IIRC.
  2. Appears so, if you click on the picture several times it keeps getting larger and there appears to be just the top of a capital I in front of the five.
  3. Avanti83

    80 Avanti II

    Power steering ram work fine. Is this what you 80 looks like under there? This is my 74 with a 383. BTW, 1/2" of clearance is pretty good. The Ram should be available at our vendors including, Nostalgic - Myers - Studebaker Int among others. https://www.studebakervendors.com/
  4. Avanti83

    80 Avanti II

    Why a steering damper, my 74 and 83 steer and track quite well? On passenger cars they are usually a bandaid for some other issue.
  5. Be careful trying to start the car, there is a whole lot of expensive things that can go wrong including the supercharger. The car has a lot of value if the hog troughs are decent as it is a 4-speed R2. The cost of starting it may well outweigh any increase is price. I'd personally advertise what it is with a value in mind. If it's reasonable and nobody offers enough then it may be time to re-access if you want to add the cost of restarting it cautiously.
  6. If there's a good fabricator nearby that's an excellent suggestion but if not, Don Simmons of Silvertone Exhaust in Canada builds stainless steel systems in 2" and 2 1/4" that fit beautifully on those cars, have his 2 1/4" setup on my 83. No cheap but well worth the price.
  7. I'm not sure what's the model year of your car but if it has the three point harnesses for the front seats you can use any number of newer bucket seats and possibly aftermarket like Procar as some suppliers offer Avanti seat tracks that bolt in. While the Sebring seats are a decent call for Studebakers, I'd be very Leary about mounting then in an Avanti with out providing rear mounting points to the frame. The Avanti floor is fiberglass and if you hit something it's not only your weight but the weight of the seat and the lever action of the seat height bearing directly on the flimsy mounts under the floor. When I put the newer seats in my 74 Avanti, I built a seat mount that incorporated mounting to the frame mounts under the seat as the driver's right side clasp of the seat belt is mounted to the side of the seat. That way both attachment points of the 3-point harness have 7/16" grade eight bolts holding my fragile arse in the seat which also has 7/16" bolts holding the seat frame in place also. That's the bolt size used in most contemporary cars for seat installation. Remember the Avanti represents safety designs of the early 60's so whatever one can do to make them safer is worth the time.
  8. If it's like the 83 it is the Electronic choke engine light and should come on when started and go off shortly after. If it stays on, it indicates a problem with the choke circuit, if it doesn't come on, bad bulb or contact. That's from the 83 owner manual.
  9. I suspect that it's again the variability between cars and years with Avanti's. Jim told me about this issue when he put in the struts and I was surprised as there was no issue with mine. He's provided the solution and IIWM I install the the braces he designed as flex in fiberglass is not a good thing. If I see issues with mine down the road, I'll be doing the same.
  10. Yup!! Did it on my 74. Installed them on both sides. You will need to cut a slot in the underside of the hood to install the reinforcement plate like the one you have currently on the other side for the support. https://forum.studebakerdriversclub.com/forum/your-studebaker-forum/tech-talk/90157-avanti-cowl-induction-hood-and-gas-struts
  11. A quick measurement shows about 26.5". The tire size chart shows 26.6" This is the tire size calculator I used to find the one in my size. It seemed to have a lot of the doughnut sizes. Just for the record, I also use 114.3 mm for the bolt pattern. https://tiresize.com/comparison/
  12. Avanti83


    They came with an owner manual that was sparse info at best. Why not take a picture and point out what you want to know about. I suspect the assemblage here stands a good chance of helping. If you can't add notes to a J-peg file, just print out a picture of the dash, number the switches in question and then take a picture of that and post it here.
  13. Avanti83

    Rolled Avanti!

    I looked over my pictures and Dick Steinkamp's write up and only see two. I drilled two holes to get at them and the CE hog troughs only have two holes in the rollbar bulkhead so until I see a picture or several of three bolts into the hog trough bulkhead, I sticking with 2 as the answer.
  14. I don't often add too these posts but if I have a decade or so less years on me I'd seriously consider that 4 door quad headlight car as a candidate for an S-10 chassis setup and drive the hell out of it.
  15. Avanti83


    Take the glovebox door to a good locksmith. They'll make you a key or change the tumblers to a new key, whatever they think is best. You could just pull the lock also, whatever you think is easier.
  16. Good question Gary, I assumed he hadn't touched the computer setup yet. If he has, at a minimum, it will probably need a new carb and distributor.
  17. Sure looks good to me with the earlier bumpers. I'd be happy to drive this one.
  18. Several thoughts but first welcome back. Initially see if you can get it running. Fresh gas, you can drain the tank by removing the pipe plug from the tee in the gas line under the passengers seat. Then pull the plugs, clean them and before you put them back, see if the engine will turn over with the starter after you have added a small amount of Marvel mystery oil to the cylinders. If so, replace the plugs, hook up a timing light and see if you have spark. If you do, add a few gallons of fresh gas to the tank and try to start the engine. If it runs, then how well? If pretty good than check the brakes and emergency brake, if they are good let it warm up and then stop, change the oil and antifreeze. Now it should be close to driveable. If you can safely take it out then do so and see where you are. Once you have done this or the engine is frozen/won't run or the brakes are bad get back and we'll help you spend your money on alternatives.
  19. There is one on my 83.
  20. This little devil. https://www.autozone.com/test-scan-and-specialty-tools/window-handle-remover-tool/dorman-help-window-handle-removal-tool/721258_0_0
  21. Avanti83

    Avanti Spa!

    I believe you but do have any pictures of the setup? Seems inefficient at first blush.
  22. Avanti83

    Avanti Spa!

    I would believe side by side would result in temp variations and capital expense increases so I say in-line.
  23. If you are interested in the car staying close to original, start a conversation with Jack Vines Packard V8 above about having your engine or a replacement rebuilt. Ir you don't care about original, get a recent Chevy LS with your choice of trans and put it in. Cheap performance and reliability. There are engine mounts to adapt the LS to the older SBC mounts used in the later Avanti's and programming is available to upgrade the original LS computer to be used in another vehicle.
  24. My 83 was originally equipt with a 700R4 and it fit so there is room in the 63/64's I would think. I replaced it with a 200R4 witch, of course, fit better.
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