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  1. I've done a number of steel bodies but not an Avanti but I think I would use the firewall mounts and the rear as Ed suggested. Hopefully Brad Bez will find this and comment on how he does it. If not, you could try to PM or email him.
  2. Kerosene or other solvent needs to soften or dissolve the undercoating so it will take a fair bit. A total mess in my mind. I've used it to get the last of the undercoating when it's just a film and it kinda OK for that. Try the heat method with a less than sharp scraper and only use as much heat as necessary before you get all jiggy with solvents. Plastic might work but most are made from olefins that soften at fairly low temps.
  3. Agree with Jim again. I used a Flex-a-lite Syclone with a custom shroud but Jim's setup would be much easier to fab and install. I also used a Derale 16749 fan controller and added a manual override switch just-in-case.
  4. If Dan won't send a digital copy, You can have him send it to me, I'll scan it and email or text it to you digitally and then send the copy from Dan to you in the Netherlands. I'll send you my address and email if it's necessary. Bob
  5. Yup! I suspect you have now discovered why a couple of the best tools for old cars is a Volt-Ohm-Meter and a 12 volt probe. Even with a complete wiring diagram (if available) you will still need to generally start at either the fuse box or affected end and start back tracking. Avanti's are well known for corrosion and bad grounds causing issues. I would suspect your manual (if available) should list the fuses that feed certain parts. If not, the 12 v probe will make sure there is power to all the fuses whether on full time, or in run or start mode.
  6. I agree with Jim above. That's why I always bought the factory manuals when I purchased a "New" daily driver. They finally priced me out of the market but the local library usually had up to date Mitchell's Manuals that had what I needed. Pretty hard to get to them now however, and my guess is they will not be digitizing them and will probably, if they have not done it by now, be purging them. That leaves the link that Jim posted.
  7. This should do it. https://forum.studebakerdriversclub.com/forum/your-studebaker-forum/tech-talk/110102-mustang-wheels-become-avanti-wheels
  8. Probably Ford Fairlane rotors and S10 4X4 calipers. Personally, I'd go for newer Ford, Chrysler or aftermarket wheels as the 63/64 were a bit narrow and the newer ones will let you run bigger/better radial tires. I'm using 2000 or so Mustang Bullitt Aluminum wheels on my 74 with the Turner option and would not go back to 60's technology in wheels. You should be able to find new or used steel wheels if you prefer by looking for wheels that have the width and back spacing of the Crager's you are running. I opted for a much larger wheel for the stated reasons. YMMV- Your mileage may var
  9. I used Aluminum faced fatmat for sound and heat insulation inside the Avanti, DEI exhaust wrap on the head pipes and aluminum heat shields above the mufflers. You can see the heat shields above the mufflers and they are spaced away from the floor. I also put an aluminum shield under the 6-speed slave cylinder.
  10. I can't answer the question but if they will work, there is an Avanti II being parted out in the for sale section near the bottom if you need parts.
  11. The frame looks like an easy repair but as you have another one and the original will go to good use, good choice. Welcome to the forum and please keep us in the loop as you make progress. Nothing better than seeing and learning from the progress of other members on these vehicles. As you have the body off, it will make the "hog trough" repair straight forward and as easy as replacing them can get. Could you also post a shot or two of the Chevy pickup roadster in the future. I like all kinds of neat vehicles.
  12. If it has the earlier Avanti type radiator then there are plenty of Aluminum ones around that will fit. I used this one on my 83 and a different one on my 74. Both cool well and are less than $200. Speedway motors and Ebay can be good sources for inexpensive USA made ones. https://www.studebaker-info.org/Tech/SOB/sdc46421m.html A word of caution as I was working with another member to put one in his 63 ( same radiator dimensions) and it (the radiator matching the part #) differed slightly in dimensions. So be sure you have the dimensions of the radiator so you can check fit. Thi
  13. I found mine on Ebay if you are looking for the temporary spare. Couldn't find one in the local wrecking yard. Be sure the tire is the correct size because different models use different tire sizes.
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