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  1. My 74 frame cracked in both motor mount areas of the frame. While most will probably blame the 400 SBC mine had a 350 as the OP didn't want the 400. It was due to missing washers under the nuts that made contact with the frame and resulted in point loading that caused the failure. One of the reasons I contend my 83 was much better is the higher level of assembly, fit and finish of the later ones.
  2. I agree with looking at fuel issues for starters but the other Issue I always look at when losing power under load is timing and advance. Be sure the plugs, points and wires are good and put a timing light on it to look at both initial and advance when it's warmed up. Also be sure the secondary's are opening and you have fuel from the accelerator pump.
  3. Google up Studebaker Vendors and call around to see what's available. Myers, Nostalgic, etc should be some help. Not inexpensive however.
  4. It's going to be hard to get the emblem taped on without either seeing the tape and/or having it weakly affixed because of the small amount of tape used. What's wrong with leaving it off? I like the cleaner look of them removed from both of mine.
  5. This should give you everything you need to know. You can click through the different styles to see there complete line and there are a ton. https://www.flamingriver.com/index.php/products/c0002 Once you have found what you want, you can shop model and price to see if there is a better option. There are also a number of others that build/offer columns, Google is your friend here.
  6. Avanti83

    On Frame

    A lot of nice straight reflections off the paint, Thumbs up!!!!!
  7. I'm still not convinced that an aftermarket one wouldn't be a good choice. While not OEM there's about 12 people in the world that could see the difference and it would have all new parts not ones over 50 YO. It should be pretty easy to connect as the Avanti's have a rag joint and the wiring terminates in a Chevy connector that could be adapted to about any harness. They are available in billet or plain metal and some don't have the key in the column also.
  8. Here's the 83 Fantomworks did. http://fantomworks.com/project/1983-studebaker-avanti-2/ You can see the Avanti with the bumpers gone. IIWM, I'd take Gary's suggestion and start with an 83 or older. The front panels are complete around the grill and lower front fenders whereas the 84 and up are missing a lot of fiberglass where the bumpers are located. I like where you are going so keep posting. I'm 77 retired and have been moding cars for years. The biggest problem you will face is getting discouraged. I have seen many projects started and then left festering as the work piles up. Be sure you are self-starting enough because there will be times there's very little light in the tunnel. I don't know your abilities so be sure you are calculating the real costs particularly paint and new interior. I can weld, fabricate and paint (amateur at best) but it keeps my costs inline. With all that said, Avanti and ask away. We're here to help and admire.
  9. Avanti83

    Dash Pad

    Agree with Gary. You can probably use a single DIN modern radio in your opening. Check with a decent audio like Crutchfield for dimensions. If they fit, the good news is you can have about any modern convenience that's offered in modern radios currently.
  10. Good call, from the SI catalog 800917/18 https://www.parts123.com/parts123/yb.dll?parta~partsort
  11. Avanti83

    Tilt Column?

    If you have a source of a decent one I don't know why not try it but IIWM, I'd opt for a new one with all new parts like one of these. You will probably need to add an extension to the gear end but that should be straight forward with today's options. Old tilt options are not cheap usually when you find a good one. The rag joint would make a natural place to join it. I search around this site to see what's available. Note it uses the GM style wiring connector so it should be able to be wired into the early system pretty easily. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Tilt-Column-Chrome-Floor-Shift-front-suspension-parts-1939-buick-amc-amx/312861517086?hash=item48d7ffe51e:g:2~oAAOSwTpld3F0m
  12. OOPS!!! I forgot to post the Youtube video of the Avanti power window installation I studied before I installed mine.
  13. Here's my install of the Nu Relics setup on my 74 that came with manual windows. There are a few mods that need to be made for a successful installation. Be sure to scroll down the post to be Brad Bez's suggestion on bracing the motor. It's pretty straight forward and they work well. I'm not sure why the youtube video is jerky because the window moves smoothly both up and down. It's not the first time I've seen this on a youtube video however. https://forum.studebakerdriversclub.com/forum/your-studebaker-forum/tech-talk/108773-avanti-nu-relics-power-window-installation
  14. Again as noted, they bolt to thick metal plates imbedded in the fiberglass hood structure. Pretty straight forward repair once the hood is off. I doubt the hinges need replacement as You'll probably see they move easily when they're off, a pretty basic hinge joint.
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