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  1. It does sound like something Loewy could have especially valued Ebstein for,but that’s not the correct answer.
  2. certainly a logical thought, but not the correct answer.
  3. John Ebstein, one of 4 members as well as the nominal project manager of the team who finalized the design for the Avanti in 1961, was invaluable to Raymond Loewy on the Avanti Design project, as well as other Loewy projects, and was hired by Raymond Loewy because of his: 1) "creative sensibility" 2) ability to beat a deadline 3) unique skill on collaborating with a product's engineers 4) airbrushing skills
  4. This is indeed R4130. The "all custom" that Mr. Egbert references in his ad refers to the many hand-fabricated, non production items installed on the car by Studebaker Engineering that were unique to this car, which, as we know,was was a "test mule" car for running changes to be introduced on the '64 models. Most of these items were hand-made by Engineering, and were somewhat different than the items as they subsequently appeared on the '64 models. The "built by Granatelli" references the performance modifications that were done to 4130 by Granatelli after it served it had served its duty as t
  5. Certainly a logical guess for the price of a 5 year old Avanti at the time, but,not the correct answer..
  6. R4130, the Granatelli R3 powered Avanti that was Sherwood Egbert’s personal car, was listed for sale by him just prior to his passing. The car was priced by Mr. Egbert at: 1) $5000 2) $4750 3) $4250 4) $3900 5) $3000 6) $2500
  7. Bingo- that is where Mr. Egbert's office was..Arnold Kirkeby, who built the Kirkeby Center, also owned a home located in Bel Air named Chartwell. Chartwell is the "mansion" you see in the opening credits of the Beverly Hillbillies television show.
  8. A logical choice, but that's not where his office was located.
  9. Very logical guess that the historic Bradbury Building was the location, but, unfortunately, that's incorrect.
  10. After his departure from Studebaker, Sherwood Egbert returned to Los Angeles, and opened a corporate development and industrial management consulting firm. His office was located in which of the following office buildings in Los Angeles? A) The Capitol Records Building B) The Bradbury Building C) The Eastern Columbia Building D) The Kirkeby Center Building.
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