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  1. Finale: one good directed spray with PB Blaster, then one with Gumout and it seemed to be working freely. After watching a You Tube video, learned you can make more of a vacuum like when sucking through a straw vs. inhaling. Stood in front of a mirror and found I could pull the dial all the way over! Put small amount of Sewing Machine oil on the movable points. Back in bezel and the dashboard tomorrow. Thanks for all your ideas!
  2. mfg had good advice. Took off the upper console plate, removed radio knobs, unscrewed thin nuts holding it in, pushed it BACK out of the way, went to work with a 6 1/2" long nut driver (after trying ratchet with extension), 3/8". (Note I have average size hands and it was hard to get them in there.) Put your hand in facing up, take driver and unscrew the nuts, and be sure to remove both brackets too. Work it out, place on cloth, work screwdriver around and around the bezel till gauge comes out. NOW I have to follow internet advice on how to fix it. More on that later. Thanks for your help ever
  3. Can anyone recommend somebody who can rebuild the vacuum gauge in my "64 Avanti, the later version of the '63-64 of vacuum gauges. Or does someone have an extra lying around you'd like to sell?
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