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  1. When working on any hydraulic system to know where you are with it you need to know the system spec's, I understand some peoples positions where "it works or it does not work" this is not any different then taking a compression test on an engine.
  2. Reference to 63 Avanti, does anyone know the operating pressure and relief valve pressure of the power steering system?
  3. Thinking about installing ACDelco alternator system, what is involved and how is system rewired, is single wire better to use
  4. I might say that the only reason I used 700 was because it was setting on garage floor looking for a home. I think the 200R4 would be better because of smaller size or maybe a AOD
  5. For those of you that have converted an Avanti 63/64 over to 700R4, were you able to use the neutral start and backup light switches on the shift selector over or did you modify set up.
  6. In process of wrapping up the installation of 700R4 in 63 R1. Adapter came from Meyers, starter is Jeep, fabricate new transmission rear mount, install Chevy front yoke shorten drive line, have to notch trans tunnel cause servo cylinder hits it (not necessary if running a 200R4) , convert shift selector from 12DRP to 123DRP , relocate brake light switch under dash and use Delco switch D850A, need B&M lockup controller #70244 ( there are ways to get around this) , Throttle valve hookup depends on what carb you are running, fab new exhaust, . conversion like this you will run into little thi
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