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  2. GLENW poor performance in D and in 1st...Stock torque converter stall speed should be 2100... rpm I tested stall speed by holding brake and accelerating to stall and it was about 1200 rpm Clearly something wrong with this torque converter.. It is either worn out or is the wrong converter
  3. Yes 1963r2 the inner cable was broken 2 feet down line. The speedo dial turns so apparently gauge is ok
  4. Brad are you selling the kits.. How do you install and how much are they? Keith Wahl
  5. Brad Bez Thanks for that Tip Would this be needed if the car was on a lift? I am a little confused how this would work with a lift..I am planning to have a transmission shop do all of this
  6. REAR END IS 3.31... i start in Drive. Even in 1st gear the car lugs until it gets to 1500 RPM and it has always been like that even before the engine was rebuilt. Thus I believe it is a torque converter issue
  7. The stock Avanti Torque converter has a stall speed of about 2100 RPM The code on the converter is HR with numbers following As it turns out, my converter is HH meaning that the transmission was probably worked on at some time and a different torque converter was used. I checked the stall speed by putting foot on brake and revving engine until it stalled and I got to no more than 1200 rpm.. so I have no low end torque and it does not appear to be a matter of timing or carburetion. ( carburetor was rebuilt by an exoert no more than a week ago) I believe I sourced an HR converter which can be rebuilt The trick will be to pull the transmission without pulling the engine.. Can be done by those who have the experience
  8. Gunslinger, I did send them an email... Do you know anyone who has done this conversion and what do they think about it Keith
  9. Studegary.. this is how it performed even with my old engine.. I had a picture of the torque convertor when it was oput and you could see the stamping on it. I sent that to Jim Pepper.. Granted it was not the best photo and you had to magnify it. Here is what he said According to the shop manual for both the Avanti or regular passenger cars, none of the production converters have your marking. The Avanti had an ā€œSā€ stamped in it and was painted with red primer. Avanti powered Larks and Hawks got no stamping and were painted black. These torque converters had a stall speed of 2100 RPM minimum. The standard production converters had FT stamped in them and had a stall speed of 1750 ā€“ 1850 RPM behind a 289. I am guessing that your trans was rebuilt at some time in its life and a stock type replacement torque converter was used. This would explain the sluggish performance. So: NEW ENGINE, COMPLETELY REBUILT CARBURETOR, TIMED AT 10 DEGREES BEFORE TDC, TESTED WITH VACCUUM AND AGAINST THE CURVE OF THE DISTRIBUTOR, WHICH IS DAVE THIEBUALT'S MOPAR DISTRIBUTOR AND THE PERFORMANCE TAKE OFF FROM DEAD STOP IN FIRST GEAR IS THE SAME. YOU DO NOT GET ANY POWER IN 1ST GEAR UNTIL ABOUT 1500 RPM I know I am the third owner because I know the person I bought if from very well and he purchased the car from a long term friend. I have some original paper work back to 1992 at which time the car had 51,000 miles and it now has 74,000 miles.
  10. Stuart, mine gets hot as well... annoying! keith
  11. Has anyone converted the R1 Automatic Transmission to a 700 R4 What parts are needed, who are best suppliers for those parts and if you farmed it out, what could one expect for labor? I know a trans from summit is about 1700- $2000 Thanks Keith
  13. We just rebuilt our R1 New everything including b;lock, heads, crank, cam valves.. you name it I would recommedn using all your original parts if you can. Highly recommend Phil Harris of Fairborn Studebaker for parts and guidance He is terrific Keith Wahl
  14. A few years ago I replaced the pinion gear in the rear end. Car has been idle for 4 months while engine was rebuilt I noted the speedo was a little skiddish,, but it was accurate based on Freeway speed signs. THEN .,... NOTHING.... likely causes> This is an R1 with automatic. Thanks Keith
  15. what unit did you use? Keith Wahl Like your wheels I have the same!!
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