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  1. PayPal still shows no payment as of this A.M.
  2. Bill I've checked my PayPal account every day as of late and there has been no payment for the parts I sent to you. Either PAY UP or return the parts. John
  3. Bill, Information for payment has been sent to you via P.M. IF you can't find it let me know please. John
  4. Check your PM. I mailed them last week, you should see them soon. John
  5. As Gary said above............The key to telling you about your engine is the engine number. John
  6. Make that Three...............No Facebook.
  7. I read the original post to say "OIL FILLER" , not Oil Filter.
  8. IF it is the Temp Control Valve.................Do you need the heater? My car is never driven in the Winter, so when my Heater Control Valve began to leak, I removed it and installed a Ball Valve under the dash in the same location as the temp control valve. Should I have the need for the heater (Doubtful), I can easily reach up under the dash and adjust the ball valve for the temp I need. JB
  9. I pulled the carpet I bought out today as I was putting some parts away. Tucked inside the roll was the receipt. Purchased in August of 2016 The SKU on the receipt is 000-423=714 6' carpet 6' Dayside Ebony Carpet I previously stated it was sold by the running yard. The receipt leads me to believe it is sold by the running foot as I bought 10 , and I would not have bought 10 yards. $4.50 per foot and it is 6 feet wide. Call Home Depot and ask them if they stock it. It is very close. to the OEM. Hope this helps. JB
  10. I've never found any that is an exact match. I bought some that I consider very close at Home Depot, of all places. It was on a large roll on a rotating device that held many rolls of floor covering, and sold by the running yard. JB
  11. Not sure where you might find that specific spring..........................but if you get to the point of needing a replacement assembly, I have a used piece. John
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