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  1. Congratulations that you have found a more backward Secretary of State facility than Illinois! Hopefully all will get straightened out. I thought most states did not require emission testing of vehicles over 25 years of age.
  2. I had my cow catcher bumper removed and the driving lights remounted to the two pieces remaining from the bumper. No cutting required. I did save the bumper and will send along with the car if I ever sell it, if someone wants to remount the shin banger.
  3. Anyone one know if the ac blower motor direction can be changed? I recently had a new blower motor assembly replaced in my 76. Mechanic said the motor/assembly was identical to the old unit except the new unit had 4 wires instead of two that the old one had. He hooked up the high speed wire, blower motor sounds just like the old one did when it was working but doesn't put out squat for air movement. I was wondering if the motor is running backwards instead of blowing out. Anyone have any ideas?
  4. I got the August issue of Hemmings Classic Car magazine today. One of the featured articles(6 pages in length), was about the 14 year restoration on a white '63 R-1 with a manual 3 speed. Its a good read, don't miss it.
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