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  1. Congratulations that you have found a more backward Secretary of State facility than Illinois! Hopefully all will get straightened out. I thought most states did not require emission testing of vehicles over 25 years of age.
  2. I had my cow catcher bumper removed and the driving lights remounted to the two pieces remaining from the bumper. No cutting required. I did save the bumper and will send along with the car if I ever sell it, if someone wants to remount the shin banger.
  3. Anyone one know if the ac blower motor direction can be changed? I recently had a new blower motor assembly replaced in my 76. Mechanic said the motor/assembly was identical to the old unit except the new unit had 4 wires instead of two that the old one had. He hooked up the high speed wire, blower motor sounds just like the old one did when it was working but doesn't put out squat for air movement. I was wondering if the motor is running backwards instead of blowing out. Anyone have any ideas?
  4. Jack, it sound like you are describing my '76. It still has the original 400 block, crank and oil pan. Motor was first rebuilt in '11 and equipped with a hydraulic roller cam, head work, new aluminum intake and carb putting out 360 hp over the original 175. Two years ago, as motor was undergoing conversion to TBI fuel injection, a cracked head was discovered and it had another tear down, new pistons, rods, cam and aluminum heads were added. Motor is running nicely now, putting out 470 hp and 570 torque. A 200R4 was added in 2011 as well, making it a nice highway cruiser that can more than keep up with today's traffic. I'm thankful it does not have a sunroof. I was impressed with the overall quality of the car as I had a '64 years ago and the Avanti II's body quality, build quality and interior are superior to what the '64 had. I also have an '89 convertible that I bought 5 years ago already resto-modded with a 383 crate motor and a 4L60E trans with a Ford 9" rear end. The steering and handling of the '89(Caprice suspension) is superior to the '76 with basically the old Studebaker suspension. For long range traveling, I prefer the '76 being quieter and more comfortable than the '89. A spare and spare cover in the '89 takes up all the trunk space. The Lamborghini Red color with black interior and black out trim makes the '89 a drop dead great looking car driving around in the summer with the top down!
  5. Bruce the car looks great in the ad. I'd be bidding if I didn't already have two Avantis in the garage. Good luck with the sale.
  6. All the Avanti weather stripping is available through the vendors, even the rear quarter window seals. It would be far better to use the correct weather stripping than a "home brew" method. The weather stripping also needs to be correctly installed. I had my '76 completely repainted in 2015, removing all windows as well as the weather stripping. New weather stripping was installed but no putty or bedding compound was used under the drip rails or windshield. My trip on Route 66 from Chicago area to Santa Monica proved to be really soggy on the first part of the trip driving through heavy rains from Chicago to St. Louis. Water wicked under the drip rails and dripped on shoulders and the windshield leaked on our legs. After Missouri, no more rain was encountered on the trip. After the trip, a run back to the body shop to properly use the bedding compound solved the issues.
  7. I'd also say false. I can't see someone getting some "shut eye" in the back seat. The passenger seat with a pillow against the window might have been a better alternative.
  8. I had a similar issue with my '76 (400 SBC)a few years back. Your mechanic should be able to easily check the accuracy of your gauge. My gauge was accurate. Pressure was anywhere from 28-36 at highway speed and down to nearly 0 idling. My pressure issue was solved by finding a couple other issues with the motor and having it rebuilt. Pressure at highway speeds is now at 52.
  9. I've had Dayton's on my '76 since 2012. They are 70 spoke with stainless steel wires and have held up well. The 3 bar caps however had to be replaced as they did not hold up.
  10. IMG_2815.pdf In 76, the 400's were rated at 175 hp, but they can be coaxed to have a lot more hp and torque. Here's the report of my 76's hp and torque before it went back into the car. 471.5 hp @ 5400 and 522 torque @4400 rpms.
  11. plwindish


    I'll say false as original frames were getting in short supply and reportedly 6 cylinder Lark frames were "beefed" up to be used in new Avantis. Interesting that new Avantis were being built on 20++ year old frames that been sitting outside rusting all that time. No wonder there were frame rot issues in the 80's Avantis before they went to the GM frames.
  12. False, The windows on my 89 convertible don't move automatically when the top is lowered. I don't lower the windows while top is being lowered, who wants to hold 3 buttons at the same time?
  13. My 76 was wired the old way as only the under dash lights come on when the doors open. The two rear seat lights over the rear side windows only operate by the switch on them.
  14. Bob, the 74 is looking really good! Some of us in the midwest are still driving the Avantis around. Sunday I was part of an mini caravan of Avantis going from the South Chicago Suburbs over to South Bend for Don Lindner's Avanti House 5th Anniversary highlighted with brunch at Tippecanoe and a entertaining talk by John Seaton back at the Museum afterwards. My 89 is put away for the winter a couple of weeks ago and after another drive in Southern WI this next weekend, my 76 will also be put away until Spring. The picture attached is our traveling timeline that drove to South Bend, Ed George's 63 R3, Mike Foglton's 83 and my 76 at the Lincoln Oasis on I-80 early Sunday morning.
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