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  1. Li recently installed the quick steer arms on my 81 (RQB3263) and while it did speed up the geometry it made little difference especially after getting used to it for 10 minutes...ok it may be a little bit better but better than what...i think your steering stiffness is caused by lower pump press at idle and a 50’s vintage front suspension with a cobbed together power steer system....just like mine yes its not easy at low speeds and probably never will be...it also wanders at highway speed ...cant fix that also....solution....maybe buy an 87 or newer Avainti ! Bill Gregg
  2. i offer a trade for my 81 Avanti II RQB3263...located in north florida call Bill 386-466-6434 for many details ....
  3. I know that ....its all good ....have a good day
  4. I dont think there has been a car built since 1990 with a bumper...When I go to car shows no one even notices no bumpers except rare Avanti owners....most just think its like every other late model on the road ...At my age resale value is not my concern ....good looks is ......BILL in Florida
  5. Here is rear view of RQB-3263 with all bumpers removed.....bill
  6. i removed cowcatcher from RQB-3263....and then all bumpers....see pics
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