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  1. RQB 3263 81 Avanti II I replaced the OEM electronic q-jet with a rebuild NON electronic (one wire) ...bolted right on, hooked right up, and after one minor internal adjustment with phone assistance it has worked perfectly for 4 years.......no complaints, easy swap....BILL, MELROSE, FL
  2. RQB 3263 81 Avanti II i switched out the steel wheels 4 years ago and installed 07 to 09 Mustang 16 inch and they have worked great and look great also.... i purchase 5 and so I have a full size spare that fits in the well.....i did have to fab an 1 1/2 inch fiberglass blister cover due to the added width....of course going from a GM pattern to a Ford necessitated a machined aluminum adapter available on line....the front req a 1 1/4 in. spacer/ adapter to clear steering/suspension components due to the different wheel center set back on the Mustang rims and the rear 1"..... there are sev
  3. wildfelr

    engine belts

    RQB 3263 81/305.....I RECently had the same problem and believe solved it forever... (1) power steering hose....mine burned thru on the exhaust manifold....John Mayer supplied me with a new one very reasonable and quick..... but it was a royal PITA to change..... (2) 2 months ago had an alt/ water pump belt failure...actually it wouldnt stay on the pulley and probably incorrect to begin with....so...my local Car Quest/Advanced Auto Parts supplied a GATES belt, "power rated" and Industry Number 4L450K for $15.00....clearly a commercial duty belt...probably kevlar similar to what has been
  4. With regard to everyones spare tire problem: RQB3263 NOW HAS 16" 2007 ..TO 09 Mustang alloy wheels (they look great) but i wanted a full size matching spare...Yes the wheel/tire fits the well just fine diameter wise but does stick up about 1 1/2 inch.....I fabed an outside (one time use) mold and made a nice perfect fitting fiberglass cover (blister).....takes up very little space on the trunk floor and is relatively attractive... problem solved .....bill gregg rqb3263
  5. Li recently installed the quick steer arms on my 81 (RQB3263) and while it did speed up the geometry it made little difference especially after getting used to it for 10 minutes...ok it may be a little bit better but better than what...i think your steering stiffness is caused by lower pump press at idle and a 50’s vintage front suspension with a cobbed together power steer system....just like mine yes its not easy at low speeds and probably never will be...it also wanders at highway speed ...cant fix that also....solution....maybe buy an 87 or newer Avainti ! Bill Gregg
  6. i offer a trade for my 81 Avanti II RQB3263...located in north florida call Bill 386-466-6434 for many details ....
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