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  1. Back in the day, tires came in two forms: white walls on one side and black walls on both sides. White wall tires cost more, so if you ordered white walls, you displayed them. It would not occur to anyone to mount tires with the white wall side hidden. Nowadays, some size tires come only in a white wall -- they're cheaper to produce and inventory than two different types. So now one gets to decide how to mount them, rather than which type to order. Whether to expose the white wall side is a matter of personal choice. Some like them (I do), as long as they are more or less authentic to th
  2. Under firewall: 7.25". At front of rear spring perch: 6.75". (No visible rake!)
  3. Bob's 74 has been modified. My 74 is pretty much stock with somewhat tired front springs and 215-75x15 tires. I get 15.5" from the ground to the frame next to the radiator. I think we sometimes need to temper our expectations from this forum. I belong to a number of other forums (Camaro, Chev/GMC trucks) where I am 3 or 4 times as old as most other members. Many questions get answered in minutes. Others go unanswered forever, despite hundreds of views. One never knows. In my case, I didn't read the OP's question until a couple of minutes ago, and went out to make a measurement right
  4. For the record: http://www.studebakerdriversclub.com/V8EngineID.asp
  5. What Avanti83 said. Things that won't turn on or won't turn off are almost always due to bad grounds. The electrons are always trying to find a way to get back home to ground, and if their path is blocked, they will seek other paths, including gong backwards through other circuits. Add some grounds like Bob said, and/or add some temporary ones with alligator clips on test wires.
  6. Agree with Gary -- this is a question without an answer. You have to look at such things within the context of their times. Steve Blake had to do something to update the 12-year-old styling of the Avanti, and I think he did a decent job, given the resources he had. At least he didn't ruin the basic design. The 53-54 Stude coupes and hardtops have been universally recognized as milestone designs, yet they didn't sell very well, perhaps because the styling didn't translate that well to the family-friendly sedans. By contrast, the bullet-nosed 50 and 51 studes sold well, but are consider
  7. I think a lot of us would disagree with that statement -- there are several very good histories of Avanti that account for nearly every car. The fact that someone didn't read them or misquoted known info doesn't mean that the history is not known. The Altman Avantis all had the II on them unless the buyer specified its deletion. Steve Blake deleted it when he bought the company.
  8. Avanti Motors probably would have left the emblem off if the car was built to order and the buyer wanted it that way. I took a tour of the plant in the mid-70s and remember Geoff Newman telling us that several buyers had specified the deletion of several standard features and/or the use of the old Studebaker S emblem on the hood. My 74 has the S emblem, but it's not called out on the production order. You should be able to tell whether the car ever had the emblem by looking for evidence of filled holes on the back side of the panel.
  9. I don't think this has been posted here yet. Michael Webb posted a link to this on the Stude Truck Talk site. It's an ad for lighting fixtures. That's the Bear Mountain Bridge over the Hudson. https://www.nichemodern.com/pod-modern-pendant-lighting-video?hsCtaTracking=f49d9d1d-801e-43b8-ae2f-7e86f8568e17|9bb9fd5d-b8f6-4398-9bce-a3ed2e475b2d
  10. Maryland requires the display of two plates, with the sole exception that vehicles displaying YOM plates are allowed to mount only one plate IF it was a year (1955, 1956) that Maryland only issued a single plate. That said, given the proximity of single-plate states like Pennsylvania and Delaware, the likelihood of getting a ticket while in motion is extremely small. All that said, a few years ago I got a $40 ticket for no front plate while parked at a meter in Arlington, Va.
  11. Agree -- no other choice made sense: reliable, powerful, already engineered to fit, could be serviced anywhere, and a reputation derived from use in the Corvette. The "V8 fever" that had started in 1949 had still not subsided. It can be dangerous to view decisions made 50-60 years ago from the perspective of today's mores and standards. I suspect that no one who wanted a car with a 6 would been interested in an Avanti anyway. It was clearly aimed as the Riviera - Thunderbird customer.
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