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  1. Just FYI: If I understand which bolt you are referring to, the Stude part number is 2043x13. Some Stude vendors may be able to provide NOS examples. Studebaker called them screw and washer, but others refer to them as a sheet metal screw with washer. Such fasteners were/are widely used in automotive and other industrial industries where a high-strength nut and bolt are not required. They will almost never be found in a hardware store. Some big auto parts stores will have a limited selection of such fasteners, but probably not all possible designs, thread counts, and lengths. Auveco is usually the best source for specialized automotive fasteners.
  2. You are correct about the cost of providing vehicles for EPA emissions testing. I have a 74 with 4-speed, either the last or next-to-last one built with standard shift (until the Blake era, when more waivers were available for small manufacturers). According to Geoff Newman, the reason was that beginning in 1975, the EPA required auto manufacturers to provide them with one vehicle with each engine/trans combination for testing -- and Avanti Motors couldn't afford to build two cars just for the EPA to test. So it was easier to drop the stick shift and just loan them one car.
  3. Answering that would require analyzing all Avanti production orders, and I don't think anyone has done that to that level of detail.
  4. Dayton makes them for nearly everything. http://www.daytonwirewheels.com/wirewheels.php
  5. I got a tour of the Avanti "plant" in around 1976-77. Geoff Newman must've been given bum data about how likely I was to buy a new Avanti, as he spent a couple of hours with me. One particular thing I remember was that if one ordered a new Avanti, you were invited to spend a couple of weeks at the factory helping to build your own car. They started by welding the frame rails and cross members together, placed it on a low cart, then pushed it around the building as components were added. A woman assembled the wiring harness by wrapping wires around nails strategically placed on big piece of plywood. Others sewed up the interior pieces. They would make them from whatever material you wanted -- including your grandmother's drapes. They truly were built by hand.
  6. Addendum to kboyd's comments. If you're gonna actually use your manual and don't mind a bit of soiling, you can find a good used original shop manual on ebay. They're printed in both sides and have good clear illustrations. Since you only need it for the drive train, pick one that covers your engine -- Camaro or Impala/Caprice/Malibu. Prices vary a lot. https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=m570.l1313&_nkw=1983+chevrolet+shop+manual&_sacat=0&LH_TitleDesc=0&_sop=1&_osacat=0&_odkw=chevrolet+shop+manual&LH_TitleDesc=0
  7. Gary is correct. Many companies already own the rights to the word Avanti for things like refrigerators and cigars. The only way to find out whether anyone still owns the rights to the name or the logo for automotive use would be to search the Patent Office website. https://www.uspto.gov/
  8. Agree. I thought of that, but the ready-made aftermarket ones are nicely chrome plated and only cost about $10. Given the commonality of that intake, it just seems like somebody would have made one for it.
  9. This is really a Chevy engine issue. Have a 74 Avanti with the original 400 ci small block. Intake manifold casting number is 360261, which is listed as being common to several years of both 350 and 400 engines with a 4-bbl. The car is registered as an antique, so it is no longer subject to emissions inspections. Would like to remove the dead Rochester EGR valve and block off the holes in the intake. Bought a Mr Gasket EGR block-off plate listed to fit all Chevy small blocks 283-400. It's triangular with two mounting holes -- but the intake on my engine takes an EGR with a rectangular base (about 2" x 1.75") that is held on by a separate single-bolt clamp. Checked other aftermarket catalogs and they all seem to show the smaller triangular block-off plates. Anyone know of a source for a rectangular block-off plate for my intake?
  10. Agree with arkus and Paul K. Removing or disabling any originally-required emissions equipment is a violation of Federal law. However, the Feds don't have any auto emissions cops, so enforcement is left up to the states. That said, in most states, vehicles with antique/historic plates are exempt from emissions inspection. In others, vehicles older than a certain year are also exempt, even if they have regular plates -- so there's no enforcement mechanism in either case. Add on to that the fact that some components of early emissions-control systems are no longer available and you have a situation in which it makes sense to remove some of that ugly stuff, especially if it's no longer working right anyway. But don't throw it away and be aware you may have to 'fess up if you sell your car later.
  11. Not sure this will confirm anything, but I found similar numbers on the frame cross members when I sandblasted the frame of my Stude pick up truck. They are believed to be Budd part numbers.
  12. Gary- They didn't have the model name, just 1964 Studebaker 2 door. The word Daytona does not appear on the title or registration.
  13. This problem has become much more common now that DMVs are using computerized data bases whose data were entered by morons. I first registered my 74 Avanti II in DC in 1992, and the clerk used a well-worn book to verify the VIN. The make on the registration was correctly shown as 1974 Avanti. That was then, this is now: when I recently renewed my historic plates, the make shown on the new registration certificate is "1974 Studebaker". By contrast, the make shown on the registration form for my 64 Daytona is " 1964 unknown".
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