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  1. 1554641 is a casting number and not a part number. There is no block with that part number. Your example is incorrect. R1 cylinder heads have a casting number of 1557570 and the part number is 1557571.
  2. The 1554641 with the 4 above it is the casting number for the block and not the part number.
  3. 63R-1025 originally sold to Paxton Products. The history of this interesting Avanti can be found on Bob Johnstone's website. http://studebaker-info.org/avantiX1.html A copy of the invoice is included in the article by 56 Packard Man.
  4. After posting my original answer I found that 63R-1428 was the first Avanti with the quiet exhaust and not 63R-1457. The Production Order is the only way to determine how an Avanti was equipped when it was built. George Krem with help from others researched the factory production orders of all 1963 and 1964 Avantis. All of this data is published in the monograph from the Studebaker Museum. They found that 63R-2814 was the first Avanti built with the quiet exhaust system and is included in the list of "First" Avantis Studebaker made changes to the rear exhaust pipes and started using an equalizer or H pipe instead of the straight pipe. Both systems used these new pipes. For the quiet tone mufflers they were used after 63R-1457. For the fiber glass mufflers it was after 63R-1753.
  5. From the Avanti Production Data by the Studebaker National Museum. "First" Avantis Research by George Krem 63R-1428 First Avanti with quiet exhaust system
  6. Item 331 - Exhaust system with resonators. I forgot that MFG ignores my posts and will not see this.
  7. This is the subject of an article by Jim Pepper in the Summer/Fall 2019 Issue (187) of the Avanti Magazine.
  8. Regnalbob

    Avanti Swap!

    Here are my thoughts even thou MFG ignores my posts and will not see it. The 1961 4-speed is a GM with a wide bolt pattern and uses a unique bell housing (1552737). The 1963 & 1964 4 -speeds use the Studebaker / Ford pattern. The 1961 4-speed will not bolt to the 1964 Avanti bell housing (1539373).
  9. Don't know where it ended up, however a nice video.
  10. Regnalbob

    Odd Avanti!

    Paul is correct. R-4314 was built with a 3-Speed and a Hill Holder. 67 3-Speeds were built in 1963, 18 with a Hill Holder. 404 4-Speeds were built in 1963, 154 with a Hill Holder.
  11. 1974 RQB-2127 - K. W. Lackie, Washington, D. C. 2011 - (last 4 speed built by Altman) (Photo - July 2011 - Gettysburg PA) Former Owners/Locales; Tom Noller, 22 Nov 2005
  12. After watching the video it looks like this is the same car converted to round lights, notice the damage above the right turn signal. The Avanti name plate is in the square light location. Both cars have outside mirrors in same locations: left door and right fender. Sticker seen in rear window is STP shown in video. Sticker on left quarter window can be seen in video. Los Angeles to New York can be seen on right rear quarter panel. Drivers names on door. Other graphics were added in different colors after each trip. R-4938 was built in August, 1963 and would not be a transition model. Gary and Paul would be correct about it being a 1964.
  13. There may have been two different cars used. One for Los Angeles to New York and this one for New York to San Diego.
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