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  1. 1558079 https://www.ebay.com/itm/AVANTI-AVANTI-II-STUDEBAKER-AIR-CONDITIONER-FAN-SWITCH-1558079/153889903929?hash=item23d48d9539:g:EIIAAOSwxx1cO7LG
  2. There is no Studebaker part number on the tag, only the Prestolite model number. IBS-4012A R2 IBS-4012 R1
  3. 14 is the item number. 763 Deluxe Trim, ( plain doors and perforated seat inserts). ELV Elk vinyl.
  4. List price $ 4090.00 E.O.H. $ 325.00 Federal excise tax, factory overhead and handling. Retail Prep Charge $ 30.00 Total Advertised Delivered Price $ 4445.00
  5. That engine would have been used in an Avanti. An R3 used in a Lark or Hawk would have a JTR3S prefix. George Krem's R3 has a Studebaker factory engine number, R3SK312. Paxton engine number, B-44.
  6. The following is from an interview John Hora had with Tom Kellogg and published in the Avanti Newsletter in 1969.
  7. arkus is correct. The 17 character vin became mandatory starting with the 1981 model year.
  8. The four door is the Studebaker prototype for the 1965 passenger car.
  9. Gary and Gunslinger are correct. The base price was $7200.00. The following is from a press release from Avanti Motors dated August 2, 1965.
  10. Here is a picture of the ornament in a prototype Avanti.
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