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  1. Gary, here is number three.
  2. Bruce, You may be correct. Studebaker Sales Letter #161 dated 6-10-63 shows the fan included and not an option.
  3. Winter - Spring Issue, 1992 # 79
  4. Listed in the SI catalog on page 20. Part # 800075 $3.50
  5. regnalbob

    Eighth R3!

    Power steering was added. Dual master cylinder was also added.
  6. Did Raymond Loewy cleverly adapt or copy from Cadillac?
  7. If you mean Car Show, the first AOAI National Meet was held in 1968. I don't know the location. The second National Meet was held in August, 1970 at South Bend. Not sure how many have been held since.
  8. I politely suggest you re-read my reply. I am not disagreeing with you. You provided the documentation I asked for showing the buckles were installed before Studebaker put them in production. I posted that information for members who do not have that issue.
  9. The buckles could have been added anytime during Loewy's ownership. That's why I asked for documentation to show they were installed before Studebaker put them in production and not after. For those that don't have the 1993 issue.
  10. According to the Turning Wheels article from October, 1987 the Pirate's Buckle was first introduced on the new all black 813 BKV option. R-4130 was the first Avanti to have this option with the Buckles installed between April 18 and May 1, 1963. The first production cars with the 813 BKV were R-4236 and R-4237 and completed on May 1, 1963. Unless you have documentation to show that Raymond Loewy had them installed on R-3422 before April 18 , 1963 your answer is incorrect.
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