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  1. There were 38 Daytona convertibles present at the 1962 Indy 500.
  2. Jack, Total of 11 1964 Avantis with 3 Speed, 3 with air and 8 without air. Total of 67 1963 Avantis with 3 Speed, 11 with air and 56 without air. Courtesy of George Krem. Bob Langer
  3. Regnalbob

    Long Avanti!

    There is no Avanti ad in the April, 1970 issue of Esquire Magazine listing all the specs. However, there is an article, Avanti Still Means Forward by Dan Jedlicka. There is no mention of the overall length. This is from the book Avanti, by Thomas Bonsall.
  4. Thanks to George Krem for the following information. 1963 874 Auto - 772 4 Speed - 91 3 Speed - 11 1964 222 Auto - 196 4 Speed - 23 3 Speed - 3
  5. Regnalbob

    Avanti Dates!

    Gary is correct. The announcement was August 15th, 1987.
  6. That information may be on the original production order. What you posted is not a copy of that production order.
  7. Regnalbob

    Avanti X89!

    X indicates it is not factory installed. Codes for seat belts for example are preceded by an X. X89 AC-3311 means the factory furnished a replacement oil filter with the car.
  8. Note the black wheels on both cars. This may also be from the factory.
  9. Contact Myer's Studebaker, Duncan Falls OH 740 674-4897 or Studebaker International , Hope IN 317 462-3124
  10. Available from Bob Ziff at Avanti Parts and Restorations. http://avantiparts.biz/
  11. Shipping weights were for standard equipment only and did not include water, engine oil, and gasoline.
  12. R2W55 AOAI Forum Member AOAI Forum Members 0 24 posts My Avanti:1978 2731 Report post Posted January 16 My information is that Russ Ware, (Studebaker Parts) bought all of Valerie Hanson Rubber stock and is getting the mold made for these parts. I talked to him at 602-995-5311. These are supposed to be available this year sometime
  13. You asked a question and I answered it. If you don't like the answers don't ask the questions. You can not accept the fact the Service Letter does not support you answer so you go on the defensive and try and make me the bad guy by posting the above comments. That in my opinion is really sad.
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