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  1. Ed, I appreciate your efforts and replies. What I'm really interested in finding is my serial number. I thought that they were listed in the survey, and was hoping that someone still had a copy that would show me on the list. Thanks again... Dave
  2. Ed, Here's a picture of the tray. If you still have the newsletter, could you scan it and either send me a copy, of post it here? I'd really appreciate it.
  3. Yes, that's the survey I'm referring to. I had a compiled list of all original owners and their vehicles. I had mine for years along with the complimentary serving tray they sent each owner. My list was lost, and I'm looking for a copy to replace mine.
  4. If anyone has a copy of this survey, and would be willing to scan and send me a copy, I'd greatly appreciate it. I'm trying to bring back some old memories.
  5. I've been to Bob Johnstone's site on several occasions, but lacking the serial number I couldn't connect with anything. What I really would like to get is a copy of the survey that was done. I think that it had the original owners names, and the serial numbers of their car/cars. Mine was listed in that survey. Mine was an R1 with auto tranmission, white exterior, and black interior and was purchased new in October of 1963.
  6. No I don't. It was a 64 R1 with round headlights, and the number fell in the transitional range, but that's all I remember. I thought that the survey results had a list of the owners, and their cars serial numbers and was hoping that would jog my memory. I lived north of Philadelphia, and sold the car in 1969 to a buyer in southern New Jersey.
  7. When the Altman brothers took over production of the Avanti, they commissioned a survey of original Avanti owers to get an idea of owner satisfaction. All participants received a TV tray with the image of an Avanti, and a complete list of original owners and their cars. Mine was an early 64 with round headlamps (transitional) and was sold in 1969. Over the years I have tried to track it down, but lost all of my paperwork during a robbery. I still have my tray and would love to get a copy of the original owner's survey. If anyone has a copy, and would be willing to send/e-mail me a copy,
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