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  1. Brad, Where is your shop located?
  2. Shrock Brothers do a fantastic repair on an Avanti (and other Studes) steering wheels. I've been using one for 4 years with no problems. http://www.shrockbrothers.com/steering_wheels.html
  3. I hope this can help you out. I found this on Ebay years ago and could not purchase it fast enough. Just a heads up this is a 63 - 64 Harness. Notice the blue going into the wiper switch and a second blue going out to the harness. The blue wire I am pinching is from the foot pedal switch. I hope this helps. That harness has saved me many times and it included the power window option.
  4. NO MYSTERY WORTH 100X the price. If you want to know how many 64 Avanti's (or 63's) with Gold exterior Claret interior Tilt wheel PW 4 Speeds were ever made, you can read thru the charts and see the exact number of probably every factory options and selections that were available. Even R3 and R4 ! (Sorry no R4's were sold.) The work the went into this was monumental. All Production Orders.
  5. If you have seen the movie Ford vs Ferrari, you probably noticed a number of Studebakers in the film. While watching the extras on the Blue Ray version I happened to see this in one of the scenes that never made it to the movie. Well, at least they were thinking about us!
  6. Great Picture Avanti83. But naturally I have another question. The clear tape on the top and bottom trim, does it go all the way to the interior side? The picture blows up real good but I can't tell if the tape stops just shy of the trim on the top and bottom stainless. I used string to hold everything together before I got your tape tip. Thanks again, great tip. Dan
  7. Good Tip, I will try it out. In your picture is the stainless already in place and then taped to the rubber and glass? Also do you have the rope in the picture all around the window and then crossed at the bottom? Thanks, Dan
  8. After about 20 hours of pushing and tugging I'm at this point. Left side small amount of weather seal that will not budge (1st Pic) Right side same right where the trim ends. Just a little perspective in the second picture all the black is stuffed into the roof area now and what is visible on both sides is about 2 inches of the material closest to the trim. 3rd pix. I have been pushing on the windshield and got the center part of the roof trim down to about 1/4 inch. The interior pictures are of the right corner and left corner. Gasket is totally inside the interior. And finally, the NEW winds
  9. Brad, that's the crazy part, the interior side of the gasket is 99% in place!
  10. Stand by folks, pictures to follow. This is crazy. I've done this before a couple of times and never had this kind of trouble!
  11. Any helpful tips for a new windshield install will be greatly appreciated. I have it about 98 % in except for about 1/2 inch at the roof stainless trim. Can't seem to push it down. I have even sat on the windshield (240 LBS+) and no luck. Any slippery solutions to ease the gasket in? The gasket is seated all around and is fully in at the interior side. Thanks, Dan
  12. Does any one have a quality (original film) of Floyd Clymer Avanti at Pikes Peak ? I see a 1 minute version on YouTube with very good resolution and I have a a full version of the same film on VHS that is about 17 minutes long that is very poor and broken up. The attached picture is from the YouTube version and is pretty nice. I would like to make available the nice version full length and maybe put in some sound affects too. If have a 17 minute version of the quality of the picture, please let me know, any format acceptable. Thanks, Luma
  13. From Bobs Resource & Information Page are these fine lists of R3 & R4 data. https://www.studebaker-info.org/XLS/R3cars02b.htm https://www.studebaker-info.org/XLS/R34pub41.htm Also reference back to the "3810" pictures, here is a 1964 R1 3589 underside picture.
  14. Thanks, they are great!
  15. Rags63, No difference on the superchargers, but high output pulleys were available as an option. Some Bonneville cars had external coolers also. One more favor if you can carefully take photos of 3810 underside of the base, I would greatly appreciate it. Also where are you located?
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