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  1. Gary, I have AOAI Rosters from 1971 and I think the next one published in 1976 and your name is not listed in any of them. But, I did find a Herbert Ross from NY City who listed his car as serial number QB1975 and color "BE" .I'll keep looking for you.
  2. Dan Booth I 800 AVANTI X Sells a nice rebuild kit for these seats. Tell him B 53 sent you. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1963-64-Studebaker-Avanti-1965-83-Avanti-seat-hinge-rebuilding-kit-N-O-S/113866941271?hash=item1a82ffa357:g:M8AAAOSwVL1WDY1u
  3. Spotted this interesting 63 Avanti at the RM web site (listed below). Looks very well done and best part, is the R2 engine with AIR, and Power Steering. Very neatly done. Ton O Pictures! https://rmsothebys.com/en/auctions/fl19/fort-lauderdale/lots/r0286-1963-studebaker-avanti-r2-supercharged/751897
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