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  1. Luma

    R3 dual carb

    From Bobs Resource & Information Page are these fine lists of R3 & R4 data. https://www.studebaker-info.org/XLS/R3cars02b.htm https://www.studebaker-info.org/XLS/R34pub41.htm Also reference back to the "3810" pictures, here is a 1964 R1 3589 underside picture.
  2. Luma

    R3 dual carb

    Thanks, they are great!
  3. Luma

    R3 dual carb

    Rags63, No difference on the superchargers, but high output pulleys were available as an option. Some Bonneville cars had external coolers also. One more favor if you can carefully take photos of 3810 underside of the base, I would greatly appreciate it. Also where are you located?
  4. Luma

    R3 dual carb

    Rags63. THANKS A TON for the 3810 shots. They are awesome. If you ever want to sell it, let me know.
  5. Luma

    R3 dual carb

    Years ago I spoke to Chris Banks from STU-V and if he was involved with your engine build it should be exactly as the paper work indicates. Is there any casting number on the intake manifold? Are the heads on the motor? Can you put the manifold on the engine and see if it looks like it is lining up with the head? As for the carbs, 3810 (no choke?) goes in the front and you could put one of the other carbs in the back spot. It might be a bit rich in the fuel department, but it should run. Can you post some pix of 3810 Carb? Also on the 3725 Carb, is there a spring located on the choke valve top, passenger side? See attached picture.
  6. Over the years I have seen a number of true round headlight 64 (after serial number 4892) Avanti's and have a question for the experts. Did any of these cars have the extra air intake cowl on the left side near the windshield, hood top support on the right side of car and the standard battery size that was used on the square headlight cars? I always thought they built a 64 after August (63) but I think the had leftover 63 bodies that would get all the interior updates and other mechanical features of a true 64 rather then use a round headlight fiberglass nose on a 64 build. Even the Avanti emblem was in the higher position on the nose. A perfect example of what I mean is in this YouTube video. I'm also pretty sure this car has the 64 Style parking lights.
  7. Luma


    If I understand your question correctly, the easiest answer is to move the steering wheel off the center notch probably by 1 click on the column. Test it before you tighten the steering wheel back in place. The correct way would be to center all the connections on the steering column from the box, to the rag joint, to the flange and then the column. Make sure your wheels are pointing straight ahead also.
  8. Luma

    Tilt Column?

    I just happen to have a Stude tilt column on my workbench so I measured it to post here. Its exactly 35 1/4 inches in length. I think that was longer then a Riviera column. I never looked at a Cadillac version. There is some adjustment at the steering box end, maybe an inch. On a side story, I once purchased a nice 64 Steering wheel and when I got it I thought the seller had sawed the wheel of the column. Wrong, it was off a tilt wheel stude and the 40 spline special tilt part unique to the Stude was left in place in the wheel unharmed! I still have that part. It is 1304-9 from the attached picture. Will trade for an 8 grand tach.
  9. Gary, I have AOAI Rosters from 1971 and I think the next one published in 1976 and your name is not listed in any of them. But, I did find a Herbert Ross from NY City who listed his car as serial number QB1975 and color "BE" .I'll keep looking for you.
  10. Dan Booth I 800 AVANTI X Sells a nice rebuild kit for these seats. Tell him B 53 sent you. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1963-64-Studebaker-Avanti-1965-83-Avanti-seat-hinge-rebuilding-kit-N-O-S/113866941271?hash=item1a82ffa357:g:M8AAAOSwVL1WDY1u
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