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  1. Can you post a picture showing the "Casting Number." Those heads have to be modified R2s. The intake manifold clearly doesn't have R3 size ports. We never had any finished R3 heads. When we purchased the parts from Paxton the heads were long gone.
  2. Without going into much of this discussion I would make a couple of comments. First I have driven an R3 powered Avanti with an automatic transmission and the 276 cam and it was no problem on the street. Second, you can overcome head restriction with more pressure from a blower but there are two downsides. The increased pressure results in higher air temperature which is not good for power. The second is that the higher pressure results in more power required to drive the supercharger. The best route even with a supercharged engine is to reduce the restriction in the intake path. In other words, larger valves, porting and a less restrictive manifold. None of this is a mater of opinion, just simple physics.
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