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  1. Thanks, Brad! Springs ordered. What Brand and p/n do you use for shocks? Bill
  2. Jack, to clarify - ideally there should be a straight line (180 degrees) between the trans output shaft and the pinion angle. Correct?
  3. ...there is hope! Let's hope my "driveline shop" understands this!! Thanks!
  4. In the quiet of fall, I'm considering replacing the rear springs on my '63 (now arcing down at both ends, both sides). Eaton Detroit Spring can supply 5 or 6 leaf springs (standard or HD, I presume) in 3-4 weeks. Some have told me in replacing the springs I "may" run into a driveline angle issue, resulting in vibration. Further, I am told, when Studebaker would receive a spring shipment of 50 or so units they would road test to determine what size shims would need to be placed where to settle driveline angle/alignment on that lot of springs/vehicles and this the number of shims and shim siz
  5. I understand the new spinner is of different design/construction. Call Real Rodders 805.402.2212 for details. Am also under impression there's a Canadian source. Have no details.
  6. Looking for replacement shifter boot for manual trans. Was given '65-'72 Buick Skylark, 4 speed as comparable. Bought RP33-Z from Metro Moulded Parts. Base diameter appears too large (5.5 inch O.D.) and hole for shaft is rectangular. At minimum, I'd like one for a round shaft. Experience of others?
  7. Yesterday, June 22, 2020, I received an update from Real Rodders on their replica Halibrand wheels for Avanti/Studebaker. There is Good News! A contract for a tooling supplier/manufacturer has been signed with several details pending finalization. There is Better News!! The updated Real Rodder spinners will be low-pressure cast and not sand cast as were earlier replicas. What does this mean? A high quality casting without any porosity, much higher detail and show polish finish and a much stronger part. Equal in quality to the finished wheels. Interested? Call Real Rodders at 805.402.2212.
  8. JLBKY, very helpful - thank you very much! You have preserved well the trunk carpeting! Suspect exterior, mechanicals, interior are similar. If possible, a close-up of the bracket(s) holding up the fuel tank/seat back carpet would be helpful. I note there are screws used at the top of this piece - I presume they were there when purchased. Yes? I also see a screw at the top of the cover over the trunk latch. Also, as purchased/built to the best of your knowledge? Good move on the inertia switch. Why an electric fuel pump? ...hard to believe a grown man can get so excit
  9. if helpful, photos/images can also be sent to wckrueger@yahoo.com I "believe" carpeting changed "sometime" during Studebaker's short run of Avanti....Stay Tuned.
  10. 63R1388 - yes, please send what images you can. Most appreciate your help & cooperation! Bill
  11. JLBKY (John), thanks for input. Yes, your "tip" (thought I recognized the AOAI "Handle") on Home Depot was spot on - thanks! And, yes(!) I'd like some photos. Understand "weather" may get in the way of taking - that's OK, I plan to be around awhile. I'm particularly interested in knowing if you have all 11 pieces in your Avanti that I've identified. Particular photos of interest are, the brackets that hold up Item 1 in my sketch - both LH & RH sides if possible; interested in knowing how and where attached how Item 2 is installed (dressed) around the antenna does I
  12. mfg & Regnalbob, please see my post of today, link above, in '63 Avanti. You both appear to have early Avantis, what can you add about trunk carpeting?
  13. At the 2019 AOAI International Convention in Dayton, my curiosity was raised for understanding variances seen in Studebaker Avanti trunk carpeting. My intent is to help improve the quality and authenticity of both restored and maintained Studebaker Avantis and their pieces and parts. And, in summarizing my findings on both the SDC and AOAI forums, hopefully more clarity will evolve for the marque. Please see attached file for my summary to date. Thanks, BillyBob Avanti trunk carpet SDC AOAI February 2020.pdf
  14. When was the first AOAI Convention held and how many have been held since? ...curious.
  15. I have but one regret - I didn't order Real Rodders Halibrand replicas while they were in stock. OKay, I may have a few other regrets - none associated with my '63 R1 Avanti. Over the past month or so, I've had numerous conversations with Pat O'Brien at Real Rodders Wheels (805.402.2212 -- and yes, he does answer and return phone calls). He's approaching the point where he'll make another - and probably final - run of Halibrand replicas updated for radial tires. Pat tells me his run will be limited to those for which he has pre-orders. My only interest in this post is passing on his conta
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