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  1. best health in 2021 and of course works for the car. Just my feeling about the Turner system, I converted my 73Avanti II to the Turner system. After the expenses involved, I did not really feel any difference.
  2. MARK

    Toll Avanti

    Toll Brothers has a few high end developments in NJ too. No need for me to move as I have a 3 car garage and a lift for both Studebakers Mark
  3. years ago I did the same from S.I. a few months ago I sent my R1 & R2 to Dave Thibeault for rebuild, perfect perfect perfect Mark
  4. with my Avanti R2 and my 63 and 64 Hawks, I really watch mileage. I take a cell picture when I gas up and just watch the mileage. Sometimes a full tank is really full, othertimes, I think Im driving on fumes Mark
  5. give Dave Thibeault a call or email: he always has either parts or a great source. studedave@aol.com (his email) phone 978-897-3158 Mark
  6. give Dave Thibeault a call, he might be interested in the core Mark
  7. Billy, regarding the dash pad from Dan Booth, is that the material type that adhere on top of the original dash that was molded plastic? Im just curious as years ago when I had an Avanti II and the original dash was cracked on top, I bought a black carped type pad that used velcro to secure it to the top of the dash thanks, just an inquiry Mark
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