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  1. IMG_0609.MOV IMG_0610.MOV IMG_0610.MOV IMG_0610.MOV IMG_0610.MOV IMG_0610.MOV IMG_0610.MOV IMG_0612.MOV IMG_0609.MOV IMG_0609.MOV IMG_0610.MOV IMG_0611.MOV IMG_0612.MOV The dimple on the swivel plate fits in holes in the frame, in front of the rear wheels and behind the front wheels. Very stable and can lift the wheel over 6 inches in the air. One of the best OEM jacks I have seen. Should be the 1987 Monte Carlo jack.
  2. I have a 1987 Avanti. Here are pictures of my jack and tire tool. The jack mounts on the passenger side of the trunk. The tire tool fits in the too bag on the front of the trunk. Good luck, Jim Wood
  3. My 1987 Avanti Coupe is on a Chev. Monte Carlo chassis. I don't know the weight of the body, but the car weights 100lbs MORE than the dry weight of a 1987 Monte Carlo.
  4. My 87 Avanti looks as if the front fenders cracked behind the wheel openings and have been repaired. I have been told that Kelly had a problem with cracked front fenders on his early Avanti's. Is this true and what caused them to crack?
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