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  1. Or, maybe it does. My suggestions come from 29 yrs personal experience with an '88 coupe (including removing the entire dash to replace a heater core, replacing a rusted A-pillar and putting in a new windshield). My first experience (of many) with a non-functioning hood was in Winter or colder periods. The hood would not open at first - maybe the spring had problems, BUT the cable never failed!
  2. At the risk of sounding, well, weird - as a last ditch effort (starting now) try this for the '88 hood. Pull on the hood release while at the Same Time someone else attempts to pull-up on one of the corners of the hood (start with drivers side). You may want to consider a plastic pry tool like for interior trim removal (may want to tape the tool so as not to scratch anything). Couldn't hurt!
  3. I'm not certain about the '89, but the '88 has a small opening (cut-out) on the interior door panel at the back end of the door (check your '88 to see what I mean). If your '89 is the same refer to my earlier post and you just might get the door to open - I did. As I recall it has something to do with a worn/bad spring on the latch (?).
  4. This is bugging me (besides, I'm retired and bored). I just messaged Plwindish as he has (had?) an 'actual' '89 so maybe he can help!
  5. If there is an emergency release cable it is probably similar to the cable used (at least on '87-88) rear trunk release - a wire that is no larger than a picture frame hanging wire. Looking at the picture I would guess this cable can be reached from behind the dash (w/o removing the dash).
  6. My $0.02: Using my former '88 coupe as reference - Hood - Try removing Drivers side inner fender liner to see if you can get close to the release mechanism. Door - Get inside the car and go to the rear seat / you should see a small cut-out where the latch-lock is located on the door. Take a small screwdriver and try and push the lock lever up (or in). I can't remember everything, but I think you need to pull the inside door release handle while doing this. Your problem is probably with the locking. I just thought of this......... Regarding the Hood. Before doing anything e
  7. wdaly

    Avanti FRP!

    Hmmmm. You're not talking about the FRP manufacturer. Only FRP (generic) things I can think of is the different requirements necessary for the GM frame, maybe design reductions in number of parts needed, or ????
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